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Love the music, love the man, love each other!
118 icons, multifandom and a wallpaper... 
1st-Jul-2009 01:09 pm
mamie gummer

[001][002]Christian Bale
[003][004]Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
[005][007]Eric Bane
[008][010]Eric Close
[011][013]Ewan Mcgregor
[014][016]George Clooney
[017][018]Gunshy (movie)
[019][029]Johnny Depp
[030][033]Jeffrey Dean Morgan
[034][037]Josh Groban + a wall
[000][038]Kate Winslet
[039][041]Liev Schreiber
[000][042]Marg Helgenberger
[063][064]Marg Helgenberger
[065][079]Manhunter (1986)
[080][082]Once (movie)
[083][000]Russell Crowe
[084][000]Roger Federer
[085][000]Ryan Gossling
[086][089]Robert Pattinson
[090][091]Simon Baker
[000][092]Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
[094][104]Zachary Quinto

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