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A Birthday Spammity!

This goes out to a very dear friend of mine, leeshy_s!! Happy Birthday Leeshy!! *Hugs*

BDay Fairy: *sad face* Josh...I need to you do something for me.

Josh: What's wrong?!


BDay Fairy: Well, It's Leeshy's birthday, and she's so far away, we couldn't celebrate together!! Can you please go pass on my birthday wishes and celebrate with her? I will be in your debt forever!

Josh: Of course I can!! I would be honoured!

BDay Fairy: Thank you! Go have fun!! You know what you need to do!

*Josh hops in his car of sex and picks up some things on his way to visit Leeshy*

Josh: Happy Birthday Alicia!!


Leeshy: Josh!!! Why are you so bundled up? It's not snowing!

Josh: well it was at Jess's! SHe says happy birthday and sent you a birthday gift!

Leeshy: Oh really?

Josh: Yes, she used her Birthday Fairy powers to keep the snow away from you today for your birthday. And me of course!

Leeshy: Well that was a given. I'm so excited you're here! So what is in store for me?

Josh: Well, Jess and I have arranged some surprises for you, and I hope you enjoy them!

Foxy: You weren't supposed to tell Alicia about the surprises, Josh. THat's why they're surprises, dumbass!


Alicia: Oh. My. God. Josh AND Foxy on my birthday!! Must. Not. Fangirl.

Foxy: Happy Birthday Alicia! Would you like to go to the beach with me?

Leeshy:'s winter...

Foxy: Not in Hawaii...*grins all sexy-like*


Alica: *melts*

Jeff Hardy: You will have to fight me for her man!! You're going DOWN!


Josh: Now let's not fight on Leeshy's birthday...


Leeshy: Oh they can fight over's all good.

Foxy: Right then, let me warm up first


Leeshy: Never mind, you can't fight each other. Foxy is too pretty...and Jeff you're a wrestler. That's just unfair!

Paul London: I think I have an idea on who COULD fight over you though...


Josh: This s just getting out of hand!


Leeshy: *stares with googly eyes*

Josh: Are you okay there? You're not going to pass out on me are you?

Leeshy: Not yet...

Paul: Good! Because your weird friend made me wear this hat...she seemed convinced you'd like it for some reason...


Leeshy: THe HAT!! *sings* I have a hat. It's a party hat! Hat, hat, hat, hat!

Paul: er...okay! Well Happy Birthday Alicia!!

Jeff: Hmpf. I didn't get a hat


Josh: DOn't be whiny. Remember we are here to celebrate with Alicia! Not to whine at her!

Leeshy: It's all good! So... can we celebrate now?

Josh: obviously! We are having a dance party!!


Alicia: Yay!! *She spends the entire night dancing with Josh, Paul, Jeff and Foxy until she can't stand up anymore*

Josh: I think it's time to wind down, with a group rendition of Happy Birthday!


Foxy, Paul, and Jeff: We'll let you sing! Happy Birthday Leeshy!!!

Happy Birthday Alicia! I hope you've enjoyed your spam!! I had fun creating it, special thanks goes out to Michelle for helping me find a few certain pictures (Paul and Jeff)


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