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Triple Birthday Spam

This is a 3 way birthday spam, plus something a little special  __grobanites  first ever BABY SPAM!!!!

So happy birthday wishes go  out to...
Mary Ellen

& Baby Congrats to CJ and her little bundle of joy Aaron. : )


Josh: Heeeeeeeeey you, get your hand off my bum!    
Annie: Bum? Josh no one says BUM anymore.
Josh: British people do. 
Annie: No, British people say arse.
Josh: I think  that's Scottish people.
Annie:*shrugs* It's a nice one, whatever you want to call it.*squeeze*
Josh: Didn't you just get accepted to college?
Annie: Yup, I am LEGAL now. *evil laugh*
Josh: Well...gorgeous barely legal blonde squeezing my ass....feels like MY birthday.

Josh: Ok. I'm ready let's go....
Annie: Where??
Josh: That Windy City where you live.
Annie: I was hoping somewhere warmer... like the Bahamas.
Josh: Well, that can be arranged....

Josh: Come on, hop in my magical teleportation device of doom  ....
Annie: Did you steal that from some tv show?
Josh: Noooo... this one is mine. Let's go.

  Josh: you like my Bahama boy suit?
Annie: *Snortlaugh* It's cute... but you'd be cuter without it....
*They step out of the Tardis onto the most pristine white beach ever...*
Annie: WOW.
Josh: Ohhhhh a windsurfer!!!!!!!!! *runs to it and hops on. Come on  Annie!!!!!!!!
Annie: You are not gonna wear that suit in the ocean are you?
Josh: Oh, no...*whips it off*
Annie: *gasp*
Josh: *looks down* oppps... those were not supposed to come off....*sly grin*
Annie: Liar.
*they make crazy ma love on the beach all day...* (Don't tell Blaine. : P) 

Later... Josh leaves Annie high on him and sipping margaritas on the beach as he goes off to find the next birthday girl.

  Josh: *Knockity Knock...*
Kendall: *opens the door* OMG JOSH!!!!!!!!! *throws herself at him*
Josh: Happy Birthday!!!!!!! *thrusts giftbag at her*
Kendall: What's this?? *opens gift* plane tickets... to.... PARIS!?!!!!!!!*SQUEEEEEEEEEE* Oh JOSH!!!
Josh: *grins* come on, that plane leaves soon!!!! *drags Kendall to the airport *
*Soon they find themselves wandering though the streets of Paris*
Kendall: *looping ehr arm through josh's* This is a dream come true...*swoon*
Josh: I'm hungry... let's get some bagettes.
Kendall: MMM French bread....
Josh: and CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Kendall: Dont' forget wine!!
*They gather the makings for a small feast... and run into some crazy French Grobies*
(yes they look japanese not french... but it's the only fangirl pic I could find...)
Josh: RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kendall: *runs*
Fangirls: *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* 
*finally josh and Kendall escape into thislittle bed & breakfast witha  fantastic view...*
   *they spend the evening there, eating their French feast, getting drunk and avoiding fangirls...and doing some rather dirty things only legal in France. ; )  (( We won't tell Alex))

*Josh leaves Kendall sleeping under a cozy down comforter and goes off in search of the next birthday girl... Mary Ellen! 

Josh: hey there.... I got these for you... want me to model them for you???
Mary Ellen: YES PLEASE.
Josh: *puts on the undershirts with his black boxer briefs*
Mary Ellen: *fans herself* Oh my... I think I may be getting to old for this...
Josh: Pssssshaw. You are never too old for a little josh lovin' *winks*
Mary Ellen: *smirks* well, I guess you're right...
Josh: I took the last birthday babes on a trip... is there somewhere you want to go? 
Mary Ellen: Hawaii!!!
 Josh: You got it!!!!!!!! 
*they use the magic teleportation machine to zoom there quickly*
  Mary Ellen: My husband is going to be so mad at me...
Josh: Then don't tell him.
Mary Ellen: You are so bad.
Josh: I know it.
*He pulls a piano out of his magic machine....and starts playing February  Song for Mary Ellen....*
Mary Ellen: *falls of her beach chair... (much like Kimmy falling off the bed in Anahiem... after seeing your video)*
Josh: *pats the piano bench* come sit up here with me...
Mary Ellen: *does*
You can all just imagine what happens next. :P

*Josh zooms off to see CJ and her new little grobie baby*
*baby cries inside*
CJ: Damn it. I JUST got him to sleep!!!!!!!! *whips open the door ready to yell* YOU-- JOSH!?
Josh: me. sorry.
CJ: Don't be sorry, just help me get him back to sleep!!! 
Josh: Okay... *follows her to the nursery...* Awwww. he's a cute little tyke....
CJ: Mmmm hmmm... and might I say you look MIGHTY fine holding a baby....
Josh: Damn it, not THAT again? Why does that always make the women crazy!? 
CJ: because we want to have YOUR babies. Duh.
Josh: Oh... well, there's plenty of me to go around.... you wnat another one? *wink*
CJ: I can't do anything until he stops crying.
Josh: Alright...*sets Aaron down in the crib & juggles*
 Aaron: *cries*
CJ: *claps* cute, but he doesn't like it..

  Josh: I'm a cowboy... yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!!!! *gallops about the room on an invisible horse...which makes CJ laugh, but Aaron is still crying*
Josh: Oh Oh... I know!!!!!!! I have a toy!!!!!!

 Aaron: *screams louder* 
Josh: Oh no, it is kinda scary huh?
CJ: OMG YES. GET RID OF IT!!!!!!!!!!  .
    Josh: oooga booga boo... magic pianos come to you....
*A piano appears*

  CJ: *Whistles* SEXY. 
Josh: It'll be even sexier when I work my magic on it...
Aaron: *cries*
    *Josh sings Lullabye and lulls Aaron to sleep* 
CJ & JOSH: finally!!!!!!!!!
*much piano defiling occurs* ((Jacob will never know, as Josh takes the piano with him when he leaves...))
9 months later....Aaron has a little curly haired sister. ; P 

~ Kimmy 

PS: With this spam I officially retire for the Birthday Fairy Business. This is my last spam. I just don't have the energy/creativity to do them anymore, Even for my friends. Children Demons have sucked all the life out of me. You guys KNOW I love you...I don't need to show it with a crappy half-assed (becauase I am too damn tired for anything more) spam. : ) I'll make you pretty cards instead.

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