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__ grobanites ICONtest

Someone suggested the other day {in a comment to an icon post} that we have so many talented iconmakers out there that we should have a icon making contest. I think it's a great idea.

There are 5 categories in this contest. You may only enter one icon for each catagory. Post your icons as a comment to this post. Comments will be screened. Next week I will put all the icons for each catagory in a post togther and the community can vote.

Just Josh (textless)
Best use of Lyrics
Funny Josh Icons
Dirty Josh Icons
Animated Josh Icons

You must have made the icons you enter. Don't post someone else's work, that is not cool. 
I will post the first set of icons for voting on July 30th. 

If you have questions, post them here too. I'll answer them and unscreen them when I do. 

Thanks for being such a fab community. I love you guys! 
~Kimmy Mod
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