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Happity Birthday LouBean!

Today is the birthday of my very best friend  ( & fellow Grobie) wylouloucoyote  AKA Lou.

Now it is time for the birthday party here on __Grobanites. 
Join me in wishing Lou a star-studded....

Josh: hey babeh. what's happenin'?
Josh: *all low* Yessssssssssssss 
Josh: yikes, that was like ultrasonic.
Lou: Sorry. you make my girlybits flail.

Josh: Kimmy tells me it's your birthday. Whatcha wanna do?
Lou: Let's go see WICKED!!! 
Josh: OKAY! 

*magical teleprting noise*

Captain Tightpants here to rescue you from the Wicked things!

Lou: I don't need rescuing but *clings to Nathan* you can come see Wicked too Mr. Tightpants. 
Nathan: Ummm okay.... I think. 
Lou: It's a musical, about the Wizard of OZ.. well the Wicked Witch... you'll like it. I promise. Oh how I WISH we could go back to see Idina play Elphaba... 

Josh: maybe we can... you see I have this friend...*opens mouth and sets lose some sonic crazy notage*

Dr. Who: You rang?
Josh: Yeah can I borrow your Tardis? We need to time travel...
Dr.Who: Again? Last time you borrowed it You returned it full of cheesepuffs.
Josh: well, er, that was Kimmeh's fault. 
Dr.Who: She's not allowed on the Tardis anymore.
Josh: Fine. Gimme the er.. Sonic Screwdriver thing.
Drwho: Um No. You can drive the Tardis w/out it.
Josh: but...
DrWho: NO!
jJosh: Hrumph. Fine...

Josh: hello Lou, step into my Tardis... *waggles eyebrows*
Lou: oohhh that was sexy...
Josh: *scotty accent* Wicked Sexy? 
Lou: *flailsquee* Um yes. *kisses his face off*
Capt. Tightpants: What about me? 
Lou: you're sexy too. *gives a smooch* Come on.
Josh *powers up the Tardis and goes back to Opening night on Broadway* 

*singing* loathing, unadultared loathing...

After the Show:
Lou: *SQUEEEEEEEEE!* That. was.Fawesome! 
Josh: Watchawanna do next?
Lou: oooh can we see "The Rock"??
Josh: Errrm..okay... *puts "the rock" into Tardis computer" Here we are...
*They step out of Tardis*

Lou: Erm... wrong rock. I was talking about the Actor... 

Josh: Oh...Why you want to see other guys? You has me. I speak LolCat.
Lou" *cuddles on him* I know. but you see Kimmy is my friend and...there's this girl code... 
thou shalt not covet thy best friend's man...

Josh: Oh PAHLeeeze. She sent me to come get you...You have really nice knockers..*gropes*
Lou: Thank you. Can't I just have a Tardis full of hotties and you can be King of them all? 
Josh: Am in in charge of the birthday orgy?  
Lou: Ummm. sure. 

Josh: YAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lou: ok... next stop.."The Rock"
Josh: Aiiiiiiight. Makes the Tardis go.

Josh: knock knock hello mr rock... you wanna come on dis rockin time traveling tardis party?we party da hardest onboard the Tardis!

The Rock: What is this wild blue box with hot hottest babe I have eva seen inside?
Josh: The just get in. Think of it as a Scion... a flying Scion.
The Rock: *shurgs* okay..*climbs inside and Lou climbs him like a tree*

Josh: Where to next babe?
Lou: We need Adam Baldwin!!!! 
Capt.Tightpants: YAY!!!!!!!!!!
Josh" *looks at him* Are you into slash?
Capt.Tightpants: Errm no...*shifty eyes*

Adam: *sees lou* you tarzan, me Jayne.
Lou: Whoooooo hooooooooo! *attackles him* 
Josh, the Rock, & Capt. Tightpants: *roll eyes* 
Josh: Where next on this manhunt?

*all sing* we're goin' on a manhunt, a manhunt a manhunt...(to the tune of we're goin' on a bear hunt)

Josh: Oh man, all this time travel is making me feel icky.
Lou: Oh no!!! *huggles him* Let me take care of you.... let someone else drive...
Josh: Sure, Capt. Tightpants flies a spaceship...
Capt.Tightpants: Only on TV!!
Josh: Just do it, stop whining.
Capt. Tightpants: um ok. Where to Lou?
Lou: We need some hot Cdn  ass on board... and an aussie with bite.
Josh: *moans* ohhh hold me....
*lou does*

They pick up 2 more passengers:

Vampire hottie: Alex o'Laughlin

Rock: Dude, what's that sign say?
Adam Baldwin: Can't you read? It sayd "Hi Slezak' 
Rock: *grrrowls* I know that, but what does that mean?
Adam: Damned if I know.

& Mr. Buble.

Hello, EH?

Josh: *shnarls* WHY!? Why is he always crashing my parties!?
Lou: gah that's wicked sexy.  I love when you snarl baby.
Josh: But I am sexiest riiiiiiiiight?
Lou: yes.

Lou: OK now that you're all here....this is what I want. Josh & Buble, act out Wicked for me
Josh: I get to be ELPHIEEEE! *starts belting Defying Gravity*
MB: damnit. Why am I always stuck as Glinda?... stupid fluffy dress. Tiara..*grumble*
Josh: Wait, someone's gotta be Fiyero...
Lou: um I'll take care of that, that way I can be with you both. Bwhahaha. 

Josh/Buble: *look at each other* She's good.
Capt. TightPants, The Rock, Adam, Alex: What about us? 
Lou: Well..."*points at each of them* You, rub my feet. you, rub my shoulders.  You, feed me chocolate & you, be my chair. 

*lou gets comfy and is pampered by her hotties whilst watching her fave new musical performed by her two fave hotties.* 

*singing* because I knew you..... I have been changed, for good.

Lou: Ahh this is the life.
Alex: Just wait until you see the naked conga line we're doing next.
Lou: EEEP! 

*imagine your own ending to that one* ; )

(PS: If my Wicked/Dr. Who facts are off... well sorry... just deal w/ it, don't paoint out my mistakes, it's late and i am far from perfect :P )

I love your soul!!! :D 
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