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Birthday time!

2 Birthdays this weekend!


Josh: Hey Kimmy, what's on the agenda for today?
Kimmy: Two birthdays!
Josh: Double the pleasure, let's get going! 

*they zoom off to Jesskenobi's house*

~~~Knockity Knock Knock~~~

no answer.

~~~knock knock knock~~~

no answer.

Josh: well darn. She's not home, best dash to other birthday girl's house.

Jess: *Opens door* OMG. *climbs Josh like a tree* 
Josh: Whoa! You must be
Jess: JESS! I thought you'd forgotten my birthday it was on Friday! 

Josh: *looks at Kimmy* is this true?
Kimmy: erm, yes... but you were in NY on the Early show on Friday.
Josh: Well, I'm on the Grammys tonight. Oh! *looks at Jess* want to come, as my date? 
Jess: *has a flailing squeefit* 

Josh: I take that's a yes.
Jess: Oh yes yes yes!!! But what will I wear!? *looks horrified* 
Kimmy: It's all good, I'll sort you out. I've got the power *waves magic wand*  
Jess: *squees and drags Kimmy into the other room* 

Josh: *shouting after them* Hey... Kimmy... send me to heather's house while you do your girly fairy stuff. 
Kimmy: Mmmk. *magics him over there & he lands on her couch* 
Heather: Eeep!

Josh: Hi there. I hear it's your birthday.
Heather: *nods* 
Josh: and what would you like for your birthday?
Heather: *points at josh* 
Josh: Me? You want me? 
Heather: *nods*

Josh: Take me then. I'm yours. *smirk* 
Heather: *takes* 
Josh: *gives* 

*Josh arrives at the Grammys with TWO lovely girls on his arm* 

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