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Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!

 I  want to wish a very special Happy Birthday to Mary Ellen! 

Josh: Hey there Mary Ellen, a few nice grobies told me it was your birthday, shall I sing you a song?
Mary Ellen: YES! 
Josh: What's your favorite?
Mary Ellen: Awake!

*Josh sings Awake for Mary Ellen*
*Mary Ellen swoons* 

Remember some of the great times we shared this year?

We first met in Verona...

Then again in Boston....

I killed with my mad drum skills in Columbus...

In Wilkes Barre we shared a  giant Lollipop...

at Mohegan Sun I sang my heart out for you...

in Cleveland I looked good in orange.

Gee Lady, are you stalking me? 
You've been to almost as many shows as Gayle.

in Charlotte... gosh didn't I look hot that night?

In Grand Rapids "You were Loved" 

I played dress up in Manchester for you

and in Vegas you entranced me.

Anaheim was good kinky fun.

and then we met in Salt Lake After the show... now THAT was a good time! 


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