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Love the music, love the man, love each other!
New Tour Dates 
7th-Oct-2007 09:49 pm
Wemma photobooth kiss

Josh is going to tour South Africa this March. : )
Do we have any South African Grobies here?

  • 03/16/08
    Durban, ZA
    Westridge Park Stadium
  • 03/18/08
    Bloemfontein, ZA
    Sports Complex
  • 03/20/08
    Cape Town, ZA
  • 03/21/08
    Cape Town, ZA
  • 03/26/08
    Johanesburg, ZA
    Coca Cola Dome
  • 03/28/08
    Johanesburg, ZA
    Coca Cola Dome
  • 03/29/08
    Sun City, ZA
    Super Bowl

  • Comments 
    (Deleted comment)
    9th-Oct-2007 12:42 am (UTC)
    awwww. :O (
    (Deleted comment)
    9th-Oct-2007 04:34 am (UTC)
    Well I think if he does tour the US in 08 it will be after May to promote the dvd. I kinda hope he gets back in the studio though. I want new songs-am greedy.LOL
    (Deleted comment)
    9th-Oct-2007 07:34 pm (UTC)
    but it was owrth that wait becuase Awake is fantasticamazingomg. :D
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