heather (warmest_glow) wrote in __grobanites,

We're Not Above Begging~

This is a plea to "krylonblue24" who was so wicked awesome and posted the funniest clip everrrr of Josh spazzing out on stage in LA. First of all, THANK YOU! I laughed my butt off and am about 304982340958 shades of green towards all of you who got to see that show. What the hell was I doing here trying to finish of a bachelor's degree! I should have gone, man. ^_^

Aaaaanyways, you mentioned in your last post that you might be too lazy/forgetful to post the rest of the *gasp!* TWENTY CLIPS OR SO, but can we have a public petition here please? :D :D :D

Anyone who wants to guilt out "krylonblue24" into posting the rest of her videos under strange monikers such as "cookies" lol on youtube, please post below. :D

I'm pretty good at drawing people. In exchange krylonblue24, post your favorite picture of him and I'll give it a go w/ pencil and send/post it to you. :D Sound good?

You know you wanna. :D
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