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Josh in LA

I just got back home to AZ last night at midnight from the LA show sunday. Such a LOOOONG trip. But Sooooooooo worth it. Josh was better than I have ever seen him. He was so ON. I think It had to do with the fact he was in his hometown and his whole family was in the audience. They were sitting 2 rows in front of us in the section over. Jack, Lindy, Grandma Groban, even Chris was there. 

Metal dectors galore, but no camera nazis!

I am not even close to finished uploading my photos, but as I sit here waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to come on (instead of going to bed like I should...) I uploaded some of them. So here are pics from You Are Loved, Mai & a few from Un Dia Llegara. 


This would have been such a hot pic if It hadn't been fuzzy! Argh. 

It still is hot, just not as hot as it could have been.

Snarl alert- damn fuzziness.


of course this one is in focus. LOL



Someone gave him this award for "The BEst Body" his reaction to it was cute. 

Un Dia Llegara

I also got a HUG FROM JOSH! & an autograph!! I am still flying high.
If you want to read about it ge HERE.
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