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Caption Results!

Ok, so the reason I'm so sick is NOT because of what was previously thought. 

I had mono in January. In short, I sitll suffer, and probably will for the next two-three months. 

Fuck. Crap. 


Whew! This was a close one! I really enjoyed this, and will probably add this to memories. Captions were great!!!

In a stunning first place there is: 

Josh Groban died this past Friday of massive injuries, after he was suddenly hit by a flying llama, mid-performance. This photo, taken shortly before his death, shows his expression of horror and amazement as the llama hurtles towards him. Local police suspect foul play to be involved, but are investigating the possibility of "deus ex machina" as well.

(Personally I think this was WELL deserved. So creative, and a bit edgy as well! I would never have posted anything with teh Josh dying... I couldn't do it! Well done!)

In a close second: 
*Josh watches crazy Grobaites salivating in audience* "Oh, that's just not right!!! I don't want to watch, but can't look away!!"

In third we have:


Chris & Josh in a blade of grass-blowing contest---

Josh *sucks in all the air in the room*

dude, for frig's sakes, you've already sold a zillion records- do you always have to try to outdo me in everything?

And our Honorable Mention: 

"I quit! I want to be the next Grover. 'NEEEEAAAARRRRR....FAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!'" 

Oh, and before I forget. This is for Jena. I messed up on hers last time:

And if you guys like, I can start posting the bases that I make so you can do whatever to them. 


I'm sure you've all seen this, but I wanted to put this up again. I get a giggle out of it every time. 

tee hee hee hee hee hee!!! ^.^

My caption: NO!!!! NOT THE PIXIE STICK!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!!?!?!?


Submite those captions!!!

Oh, and I was also thinking about starting a new Josh grpics community with not only photo caption contests but icontests and desktop contests as well. Any and all pictures could be submitted for whatever and stuff. Any one interested in being co-moderator and person to do graphics for the communtiy? (i'm stupid when it comes to that thing) Lemme know, K?


PS: I'm exhausted... again.

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