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Happy Birthday - Again!

*Please excuse my earlier  bday post (if you saw it)  that made no sense... stupid LJ ate half my post! 

Now onto the birthday spam- again. 

Happy Birthday to yourstillyou!!!

*birthday fairy wearing a neon pink ballet costume pirouttes to "You're Still You" *
*Josh Enters*

Josh: WHAT are you doing!? 
Kimmy: *spins* interpretive dance. 
Josh: But Why?
KImmy: *twirls* because it is the birthday of Yourstillyou. 
Josh: Oh I see this is a big hint for me to go serenade her, eh?
Kimmy: *grabs Josh and tangoes across the room dipping him at the other end* Yup! 

*Josh runs away from Kimmy's bad dancing* 
Kimmy: HEY! 
Josh: *yelling over his shoulder* Sorry I havea  birthday girl to sing to! 
Kimmy: *dances around by herself* 

Josh: *arrives on the doorstep of yourstillyou* 

Josh: How you doin'? 
ysy: *squeeeeeeeee... thud* 

Josh: Oh that good huh?*shakes her awake*
YSY: J..J...Josh! Whatever are you doing here? 

Josh: Well, it is your birthday isn't it?
YSY: yeah.....
Josh: well, I like to treat my grobies on their birthdays.
YSY: YAY!!! 

Josh: You gotta see this...*dances badly*  it's my impression of the birthdayfairy.. she can't dance!!! *chuckles* 
YSY: *slugs him* don't be mean! 
Josh: *pouts* sorry. 
YSY: Josh will you play the guitar for me.. I think men with guitars are sexy...

YSY: *swoons* 

Josh: hey, you still with me?Becuase I want to sing you a song....
YSY: Yeah. Sing!!! 

*sings "You're Still You" & "Happy Birthday" * 

YSY: Oh thank you Josh!!! *kisses him* 
JOSH: *swoons* Ohh kissage!  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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