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Love the music, love the man, love each other!
29th-Oct-2013 10:32 am(no subject)
josh b&w by me
Hey grobanites! Long time no chat! Say, is anyone going to the concert in Newark tomorrow?
Kris Wu Yifan + plushie

I went to see Josh in London on Friday 14th June. Great night out. Here are my videos

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My photos can be seen here There are a few of Tariqh Akoni in there as well because he was on my side so it was easier to get photos of him sometimes.
6th-Mar-2013 11:40 pm - Music Video: Brave
Touch the Sky
I don't know if anyone's still around, but I hope you all have seen this by now. Enjoy!

21st-Jan-2012 06:46 pm - If I Walk Away Icons
[Misc] Irish Castle
[46] Josh Groban If I Walk Away
[14] To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) - mostly Gregory Peck

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19th-Nov-2011 07:50 pm - "Higher Window" Icons
[Josh Groban] Higher Window Close Up
[48] Josh Groban Higher Window
[33] Tiziano Ferro Il Regalo Più Grande/El Regalo Mas Grande
[52] Laura Pausini Non Ho Mai Smesso/Jamás Abandoné

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9th-Sep-2011 11:33 pm - February Song Icons
[Josh Groban] Close Smile
[5] Laura Pausini Benedetta Passione/Bendecida Pasion
[22] NCIS 1.02 "Hung Out to Dry"

[42] Josh Groban February Song
[42] Covert Affairs 2.10 "World Leader Pretend"

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20th-Aug-2011 11:12 am - Josh AZ concert
Hola Grobanites! Quick question. Does anyone who went to the concert last night remember the first song he did? It was unfamiliar to me and I don't think it was from Illuminations. As they say,'many Grobanite heads are better than one'. Thanks in advance!
18th-Jul-2011 03:25 pm - Toronto Grobanites!
cat hat
Who's going to the concert tonight? I AM SO EXCITED!! I'm on the floor this time and I can't wait!! XD
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