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This is a community for all of those who are obsessed with any aspect of Broadway and the stage, whether it be acting, singing, dancing, playing in the orchestra, or working with the crew!

[1] This is a broadway community. YOU HAVE TO LOVE BROADWAY!!
[2] Don't anger the mods. If you aren't accepted, don't anger the mods or members because we'll just say no right away. If you are a member, and you don't like us, get over it. We can kick you out when we feel like it.
[3] Before you are accepted, don't post a comment on anything. ANYTHING. Or else we won't even check out your application.
[4] Your first entry has to be your application. Post it under an lj-cut. If you don't know how to make one, figure it out because we don't want you here if you don't know how. Any long entry or pictures must be put under a cut, becuase otherwise it will mess up people's friends pages. If you don't do this, you have 24 hours to change it. If not, you're gone.
[5] Make the cut on your application say: "Utterly Obsessed". That is just to make sure you read the rules.
[6] You can promote other communities in here. But make sure you promote us. The banners are down below this. If you are going to promote in here, use an lj-cut. Or post it in a comment to someone. Please please PLEASE! Don't put it straight into an entry, or I'll just delete the entry.
[7] Make sure you continually love broadway!
[8] If you are rejected, don't apply again. Otherwise you have to change your answers to suit our wants. And then you won't be being yourself, and everyone here is to be themselves.
[10] After you are accepted, feel free to vote on any of the applicants.
[11] You get extra credit for making banners and accepted/rejected banners. Please please PLEASE make some, because we need to promote as much as we can!

-bold the questions so we can read it better-
Personal Information: *It lets us get to know you*
[1] Name:
[2] Location:
[3] Approximate Distance to NYC from where you live:
[4] Age:
[5] Shows you've been in:
[6] Roles you've played in those shows:
[7] Preferred part on stage (actor, singer, dancer, crew, orchestra)
[8] Number of shows you've seen
[9] Which ones:
[10] How did you get involved in theater:

Questions About Theater: *It lets us get to know your theater flavor -please elaborate on your answers*
[1] Favorite role you've played and why:
[2] Give a random lyric from a show and explain why you chose it:
[3] Favorite show:
[4] Least favorite show:
[5] Favorite composer:
[6] Least favorite composer:
[7] Favorite song:
[8] Least favorite song:
[9] If you could be in "Rent", which character would you be:
[10] You cast yourself in any show. Which one? What part? Why?:
[11] Which version of the "Little Shop Of Horrors" soundtrack, new or old?:
[12] In 'Last 5 Years", pick who you like more, Jamie or Cahty:
[13] Should "Wicked" have won the Tony over "Avenue Q"?:
[14] You have enough money to see 2 shows. Which ones?:
[15] Is "Rent" all that it is cracked up to be?:
[16] End one Broadway show and revive another one. Which ones?:

A little Quiz: *Making sure you know what you are talking about*
[1] Who is Seymour on the New Broadway Cast Recording of Little Shop Of Horrors?
[2] The love triangle in Aida-name the three members of it:
[3] Finish this line from Rent "I'm giving up my vices, I'm going back, _________"
[4] Name the witch in "The Wiz"
[5] The singing trio in Hairspray- what is their name?
[6] Give the names of the Urchins in Little Shop:
[7] Name the biggest part in "Joseph adn the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (in terms of lines and time on stage):
[8] Name the man who the second girl (six) in the Cell Block Tango of Chicago is talking about:
[9] Who are the two main characters in Godspell?
[10] Who originated the role of Mimi in Rent?

*that is the accepted banner

*an adverstiment banner i made..spread the word!!

*the wicked banner. i love this one. becuase i love wicked.