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when your bladder's bursting...'s Journal
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Below are the 17 most recent journal entries recorded in when your bladder's bursting...'s LiveJournal:

Sunday, July 12th, 2009
9:29 pm
I'm always looking for more people to cyber with and talk about peeing... lace.ee@live.com.au

I took somebody's advice and peed upside down the other day... Stood against the bathroom wall, flipped my feet up over my head, and started to piss... at first it just squirted and didn't even get on me! It was awesome and hot, but I wanted to feeel it... so i relaxed and let it gush and trickle down my body... fuck, TOTALLY amazing....

give me suggestions, i always want some. Also, I have two new piss buddies, one male one female!! I'm moving in with them!! Give me some ideas of stuff to do with them? 
Monday, June 15th, 2009
2:37 pm
add lace.ee@live.com.au    I'm on sometimes and I'd LOVE to talk about pissplay with you...  
Sunday, June 14th, 2009
9:57 pm
love pissing in the rain.. did it today. walked outside, waited until i was suitably soaked... and then just pissed myself for nearly a minute, walking down the street. felt SO good.

oh and the other night i pissed off the balcony!

sat on the table, squatted, and my piss squirted in a big stream off the side... so hot.. loved it. i wonder if anybody saw!

What should I do next, people?

ps there's pictures of me pissing in my journal! 
Monday, May 25th, 2009
7:37 pm
I'm still alive and still pissing.... all the time, every day....

i took somebody's suggestion and pissed in a park.. i stood there with my legs wide open and pissed... it was fairly empty, just one guy at the bench a few metres away readin ga newspaper and i thought he wasn't looking, so i pissed a lot.. then i saw him look up so i ran away, still pissing, then hid in a bush and pissed and wanked... so hot.

tell me what to do next!
Sunday, June 8th, 2008
10:56 pm
 Hi i'm lacey.

um.. i have a huuuuuuge piss fetish.

everything about it, in all different ways.

i'm into both male and female pissing.. so i'll tell you about some of my experimentation and fantisies with it under the cut.

Thursday, June 12th, 2008
5:41 pm
Mimi unloads!

Current Mood: content
Thursday, December 25th, 2008
10:16 pm

Hi all,

I'm new to this group. I'm a 28 year old guy in London, England. I've been into piss for some time having discovered that seeing people piss could turn me on. Since then i've been well wedged in the piss-closet having told no-one and only having practiced alone.

Although it used to stress me out, i've gradually relaxed over having this fetish until now I find it more just another part of my sexuality. So its time now for me to chat to some other people about it and perhaps make some friends with similar interests.

Current Mood: optimistic
Saturday, October 7th, 2006
1:28 am
just joined
well i just joined this community. for about the same reason most of the other people did. i have an intense sexual attraction to urine. ive told very few people about it and a few weeks ago it got me in a very awkward position. i was talking to one of my friends on aim like i often did. sometimes when i get no response and i get bored i say something random. this time it was "im naked". well she left and left the window up for her boyfriend to see. well of course he thought i was hitting on her. normally i could give a shit less about something like this but then he said something that made my entire stomach jump up out of my throat. no joke i had to put it back in my mouth and swallow it again. he said "so i heard you like to get peed on. thats sick man." mind you im a virgin and ive never been in a position to be peed on. apparently what had happened was he read in on a couple of me his girlfriends old conversations. one in particular where i tell her one of my deepest darkest secrets. that one of my biggest fantasies is to masturbate with a womans urine. well this put him in an exquisite position to defame my charecter seeing as hes friends with everyone. EVERYONE. i know. so you can see the stomach up in the throat is justified. well. he talked to a friend of mine about what id say to his girlfriend. my friend would go on to say "dude dont worry about it he says shit like that all the time." i ended up sending the guy an email apologizing telling him that i completely understood him getting angry and that id have been angry to seeing as ive been in a relationship where i got cheated on before and its no fun. and the whole situation turned out kosher. he would write me back saying he was sorry to. that he was drunk and sick that night and that he wouldnt know what to do if he found out she was cheating on him. i told him i completely understood. well im sure i have many great things to come in this community. this is my first thing owning up to my attraction to urine. haha. be gentle.
Saturday, April 7th, 2007
9:58 pm
Hi everybody,

I´m new in this community.I just made some piss-icons(couldn´t find any :( )
You can find them in my brandnew LJ.The LJ is FO,but never mind will probably add all of  you,just want to keep all the idiots away *g*
There´s a little teaser.Hope you like it :)

Follow the yellow stream for more

Current Mood: bored
Saturday, December 3rd, 2005
4:14 pm
I remember her very clearly as being in my fifth period physics class, right after lunch. Halfway through the period, she would start crossing her legs and shifting positions. We’d learned real fast that the teacher wouldn’t let anyone use the restroom, no matter what. I would watch as she pressed her naturally bright red lips together and once in awhile glance around self-consciously when she realized how much she was squirming.

I don’t remember much from physics, I was paying way to much attention to her: the way she twisted reddish brown hair around her slender fingers, the way she pretended the smooth the front of her skirt or the way she glanced around before pulling her waistband out just a bit. I occasionally wondered if it would be possible to accurately measure the pressure of the liquid exerted on her bladder. I didn’t know exactly how large her bladder was or how much was in there but it was fun to play with numbers and come up with a few possibilities. I also wondered how long the muscles leading outward would hold – it would depend on their strength and the pressure on them, I knew that much but it wasn’t exactly a question I could ask the teacher. All I really knew was that I enjoyed watching those well-tanned legs swinging back and fourth as her bladder sent off alarms that couldn’t be answered. I’d followed the girl out of class once, to see how quickly she went to the bathroom and to have a listen at her tinkle. She peed for a minute and a half straight once and I remember being so turned on that I forgot to breathe.

One day, when she looked especially desperate, I wondered what would happen if I interrupted her and kept her from going to the bathroom. I would only need a few minutes of interruption, we had very little time between classes and I knew that our next class was two floors above us. I also knew that this teacher also had a policy against bathroom breaks. I had to think up a pretty good excuse and as luck would have it, I finally found one: she had been in such a hurry to leave that she left her notebook behind, under her desk. I grabbed it, pushed my way through the crowd and managed to catch her just feet before the bathroom door. Her eyes flicked quickly to the bathroom and back at me but she managed a smile as I handed the notebook back her. After I did that, I managed to think of a story on the spot about how I was constantly leaving things around, steering her away from the bathroom and toward the stairway. I saw her cast a longing glance at the bathroom on the way upstairs and I managed to steer her away from the one upstairs while I asked her a few questions about calc and relayed some information about Bryant. I’d wanted one more class period where I would get to watch her squirm. As we sat down in calc, the teacher immediately began to hand out tests. I had a hard time concentrating as I watched her sitting straight up on her heel, slowly rocking back and fourth. She kept cracking her knuckles all during the test and glancing up at the clock. I didn’t get to hear her pee but I really wished I had. The expression on her face must have been beautiful.
Sunday, January 8th, 2006
12:58 am
My tummy hurts
But I can only do this osrt of thing When I'm well drunk so give it a bit. I have a very tight skirt on so the pissy feeling is quite intense. Should I wet my pants or take them off and piss down my leg?
Saturday, November 26th, 2005
1:15 pm
yea, so I'll be back in a minute -
Sunday, November 20th, 2005
1:35 am
I'm very tipsy right now, bordering on drunk, and despite pissing many times tonight (one was almost a minute long! a record for me!) my bladder is full again. I'm rather tired so I don't know how much playing I will do tonight (unlike last night when I was full of energy) but I will definitely hold on as long as possible - long pisses are the most pleasurable and are actually the least painful for me.
Have a good night, may your bladders be full and pleasurably painful, and may you hopefully all find someone to play with soon. ;)
Monday, October 31st, 2005
6:58 pm
hello all...i'm new to this community, and i thought i'd do the getting to know you thing.

my name is amy, and i'm a 22 year old female. i have been interested in self wetting since i was a kid. i used to wet my clothes when i was little, hide them, then wait until the coast was clear one day and i could get them into the laundry without my parents seeing...sometimes my mom would wonder where all my panties dissapeared to...i became interested in desperation and full bladder holding in middle school. having to hold back my pee in school became a common occurance, and i began to become aroused by it. to this day, i love holding it as long as i can, then bursting in my clothes when my muscles give out and i simply cannot hold any longer. i love holding and having accidents. i also love forced holding; i am not completely submissive sexually, but i love to have a partner make me hold my pee while teasing me, making me drink a lot of water, and basically completely denying me any access to a toilet until i just absolutely piss myself like crazy; this turns me on so much. i also like being lovingly "punished" for wetting myself by having my partner piss all over me..mmmmm.

my most recent ex and i enjoyed lots of wetfun in our heyday. we actually became pretty "famous" because we made a lot of amateur piss porn in the beginning days of our relationship. we were so in love, and we were engaged...sadly, things didn't go as planned and our relationship changed into something much more platonic...we are still very close friends and we are also housemates currently. we are only friends, though...we decided that doing anything sexual would not be a healthy thing.

our relationship didn't work out, but being with him has taught me the value of having a partner who can enjoy all sorts of fun sexual escapades, who has an open mind, and is adventurous in their sex life. i hope that one day i meet someone special who can enjoy wetfun with me, and who i can share love and life with in the long term. i do believe that true love exists out there...

so many guys online (i'm sure they make the good guys all look bad, sadly) just want to chat and get off, or fantasize, or they just want a hookup. a hookup can be fun, but it's nice when you can make a real friend who shares this interest with you. i would love to meet someone who i can actually engage in wetfun with in real life, and who i can also connect with on many levels. so many people just want to get in your pants, but i want someone who would be a real, true friend, someone who would love being romantic, and someone who would share something very intimate with me.

this wasn't meant to be a drawn-out personals ad. i just want to make friends (REAL friends) who share this fetish with me...perhaps even meet someone in person for a little fun and intimacy together. that would be very nice. i mean, you really can't just walk up to someone on the street and say, "hey, do you like to pee your pants? wanna be my friend?" haha...sooo, if i catch anyone's fancy, say hi. check out my userinfo, i have my contact info on there...or you can just friend me on lj. i usually friend people who friend me, so long as they're nice :)


Current Mood: excited
Friday, September 30th, 2005
11:22 am
I've started a new community: the_wet_set

For followers of the Magazine, or, for piss lovers in general.
A friendly community, based in Australia, but, open to members everywhere.
Saturday, March 12th, 2005
11:04 pm
c'mon people.. post!!!!!
so i went for a walk in the park with my puppy the last night.
and something incredible happened.

there was a group of people... around my age... 19/20ish.
they were obviously drunk.

right away i started watching them... and sure enough this one blonde girl started hopping around from foot to foot. she was moving really fast, i'd say she was doing it for a while before i came by.
'guys i have to pee soooooooooo bad' she was saying, rather loudly. 'guys im really gonna pee myself.'
another girl asked her how much she had to drink. the girl replied and said she had about three beers and a couple shots.

i moved in closer, as my puppy was already sniffing that way. he was my excuse.
'i dont think ive ever had to pee this bad before' she cried out, bending over a little and crossing her legs.
my puppy's such a good boy, he ran right up to her.
'im so sorry.' i told her.
'its ok..' she said 'god, is he lucky, he can pee here if he wants... im sorry.. i just really need to pee.' she told me.

'i know what thats like. my house isnt far if you think you can make it there...' i said.
at that point i think her bladder had a spasm because she doubled over, bit her lip, closed her eyes, and nodded... 'i can try to hold on..' she said, almost yelping those words.

we began walking. my house was about three blocks away. i honestly didnt think she'd make it that far.
she had to take small steps, after couple of feet she stopped altogether and bent over and crossed her legs.
'im so sorry.. i've never had to piss this badly before. its... its so bad. i need to pee so badly..' she told me each time.

when we were about halfway there she grabbed herself and undid her pants button.
'my bladder is so full, i cant even have my button done up..ohh ohhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have to pee.' she said. i dont know if she was talking more to me, or herself.

finally, we reached my house, where i looked in my pockets and 'forgot my key.'
'im soooo sorry. oh my goddness, i dont think i have my key.'
'what?!? nooooo. you dont know how bad i have to pee right now, do you know what you are doing to me. i need to pee so bad.... so bad.. i cant wait anymore.. my bladder is pulsing, its going to burst... its bursting... i need to pee. i have to piss... this pee cant stay in me in longer'
'i gotta go pee so bad... its coming out. oh shit.. oh shit.'
i looked at her..and sure enough there was a spot on her pants.

'stop peeing for a second..here... im going to help you take off you pants, you can pee off my porch..'
she just nodded, and i reached for her zipper. she screamed 'my bladder.. oooo ouch.. my bladder' as i pulled down the zipper for her, as both of her hands were on her crotch, holding in the pee that was pounded against her peehole.

i slid off her pants, and her panties, and lowered her to squat position. 'ok,' i told her.

and pee she did. i have never seen someone pee that much, not even myself. three beers and some shots is a lot of liquid, and i watched it shoot out of her in a thick stream of never ending piss. she must have peed for at least 4 minutes, from start to finish.
when she was finished.. she just got up, gave me a hug, apolized and then said 'thank you so much.. i never had to pee like that before. that was somewhat embaressing though, but you saved me from peeing myself.' and walked back to the park.

i wish i at least knew hre name.
Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
3:02 pm
i woke up late and had to rush to school today.
all the while my bladder was pounding like a rock. on the bus i didnt think id make it.
but i did.
since that was the second bus, i had no time to go to the bathroom quickly before class.
so i ran to class.
by now i had to undo my pants at the top.
it was so bad.
id never had to pee that badly.
my friend knew and kept telling me about waterfalls.
and i think i might have leaked some.
finally i couldnt hold it another second. i got up, ran out of the room and screaming to the teacher 'i have to pee so badly, ill be back.'
i went into the bath, undid my pants and EXPLODED into the toilet. i peed forever and ever.
it felt so good there were tears in my eyes.
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