Gypsy Eyes (gypsy_eyes) wrote in __goodtimeboys,
Gypsy Eyes

Hi, I just wanna let people know about a community dedicated to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It's called dailypeppers and it's looking for friendly, active members to be a part of it! You can post anything at dailypeppers, so long as it's related to the band. This means photos, videos, stories, news, music uploads, etc. about the past or present members. It's also a good place to meet other fans. Please join if you're interested!

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    If this isn't alright, definitely let me know.

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    RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS WINNIPEG tickets are all sold out, but if you love the peppers and REALLY want to go see them let me know asap. thanks. I…

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    please vote for my friends trailer, it is called "Will Owen" by Dan Nelson of Drexel University.…

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