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i just got back from seeing the chili peppers at the borgata in atlantic city... it was amazing. greg and i went, we didnt get there till 5:15ish, i wanted to be earlier. we stood in line forever, and i didnt think i'd get as close as i did. when they finally let us in the room i was 3 people away from the stage, which made me happy cuz i thought i was gonna end up far back. the show was awesome. i love them so much, they rock the fuck out so hard. people were pissing me off though, they make it really hard to enjoy the show. flea was so adorable as usual...he played in his underwear... i got some good pictures, hopefully they turn out! anthony kiedis was wonderful as always... this crazy old lady was there and she was pushing her way to the front screaming that her husband was up there and she needed to see him. and she was digging her nails into people. what a weirdo! anyway, the show was pretty long. i thought i was gonna die! haha. i was totally soaked with my sweat and whoever else's sweat that was next to me. but thats always the best kinda sweat! :)
greg had a really good time too, he always likes to see them play. i was screaming my ass off and i'm sure i'll have no voice tomorrow. i ended up pusing myself up to be 2nd from the stage, so that was pretty sweet. we met some nice people too. to make it short, it was an amazing time...and whenever i see the chili peppers live i get depressed for like a week afterwards, haha. i have problems. it's only because i love them so much and i should be able to see them every day! :)
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