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Hey everyone. Ever since I heard "Under the Bridge" when I was little, I've been a RHCP fan and Anthony Kiedis fanatic. Through high school I had many a conversation laughing over how badly I would have given anything to see Anthony in a sock. I got jealous over my friends having gotten sold-out tickets to an intimate NYC RHCP concert. The list goes on. I have the last 4 albums of theirs and continue to watch my collection grow. But Blood Sugar Sex Magic is still my favorite album of all time. The title song is my favorite, with Suck My Kiss as a close second. So after all these years, I finally got the chance to meet Anthony in New York a few months ago. He was as nice as a stranger could be, and I'll never forget hearing his voice, looking in his eyes, being that close up to him. But I was so nervous I forgot to shake his hand. Then I walked away and was kicking myself. I'm still upset about it after a few months. So I'm posting up my autographed copy of "Scar Tissue" on EBay. I thought about keeping it forever for myself, but really, I just wanted the experience of meeting him. And I got that, and it will stay with me forever. I'd rather pass on the actual autographed book to someone who would want that just as much as my meeting him. Here it is, authentic signature, wristband, receipt, and all. Take a look!

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