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Hi, I just wanna let people know about a community dedicated to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It's called dailypeppers and it's looking for friendly, active members to be a part of it! You can post anything at dailypeppers, so long as it's related to the band. This means photos, videos, stories, news, music uploads, etc. about the past or present members. It's also a good place to meet other fans. Please join if you're interested!

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tickets are all sold out, but if you love the peppers and REALLY want to go see them
let me know asap. thanks.
I have two tickets and we can work something out.
section 321
row 10
seats 15-16
email me: indigoraucity@hotmail.com

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i just got back from seeing the chili peppers at the borgata in atlantic city... it was amazing. greg and i went, we didnt get there till 5:15ish, i wanted to be earlier. we stood in line forever, and i didnt think i'd get as close as i did. when they finally let us in the room i was 3 people away from the stage, which made me happy cuz i thought i was gonna end up far back. the show was awesome. i love them so much, they rock the fuck out so hard. people were pissing me off though, they make it really hard to enjoy the show. flea was so adorable as usual...he played in his underwear... i got some good pictures, hopefully they turn out! anthony kiedis was wonderful as always... this crazy old lady was there and she was pushing her way to the front screaming that her husband was up there and she needed to see him. and she was digging her nails into people. what a weirdo! anyway, the show was pretty long. i thought i was gonna die! haha. i was totally soaked with my sweat and whoever else's sweat that was next to me. but thats always the best kinda sweat! :)
greg had a really good time too, he always likes to see them play. i was screaming my ass off and i'm sure i'll have no voice tomorrow. i ended up pusing myself up to be 2nd from the stage, so that was pretty sweet. we met some nice people too. to make it short, it was an amazing time...and whenever i see the chili peppers live i get depressed for like a week afterwards, haha. i have problems. it's only because i love them so much and i should be able to see them every day! :)
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What happens in vegas...

... will get posted to livejournal.

I just got back from dinner after the RHCP concert. I will probably put up a rant about how much vegas sucks on my own journal, but not tonight. I shant sully the wonderful experience of the vegas show.

The venue was fantastic (until the end...) but annoying. They moved it out of the Las Vegas Convention Center (which was a block off of the strip, and walking distance from my hotel) to the Sam Boyd soccer stadium about 10 miles away (35 dollar cab ride to get there). Once there we were being fully baked by the Nevada sun. The venue (like most) has the dumb policy (like most) about not bringing external water (which seemed really idiotic since we were in the f*cking desert). They did however provide water. I however smuggled in two bottles of water (for my wife and I) and I chugged one before we entered as my attempt to feign compliance by throwing out the bottle. However they didnt do a patdown so I got away with the bottles of water in my cargo pants. Many other people weren't as lucky. After we entered the venue, my wife and I were one of the first 5000 people to enter, so we were able to get into the front section of the venue. Thus I was able to get about 40 feet from the stage. I had seen enough live concerts to know that I wanted to be on the right-side of the stage (since thats where John plays). The event planners got the stage right. They buit it with the stage facing east, so the stage blocked the sun. The temperature in the shade must have been in the 80's, as opposed to the 100+ degree temperature of the sun.

The show started about 6pm. The first openers was some punk band called "The Adolescents" (http://www.theadolescents.net/). They were alright. Typical punk band, but nothing special. They played a germs cover though, which was decent.

Weezer was the second opener, and they started around 7:30pm. A decent show, but Rivers is so unenergetic, it was quite a boring performance (unless you are a crazed weezer fan, which I'm not).

(anyhow, this is an rhcp journal, so I'll talk about them).

After about an hour of prep work by various stage crew and the techs (I'm glad to finally get to see Dave Lee, Tracy Rober, and Chris Warren do their thing), the show started about 9:20PM. As usuall there was a jam with Flea, John, and Chad, before Anthony made his enterance. I'll post the full set list later. It was a two hour show, ending around 11:20pm. The show was very much like 2004 tour (IE, Live at Slaine or Osaka Jo Hall). However, there were 3 new songs played, and the highlight of the show was an impromptu jam session with Flea on trumpet and John on Flea's BASS.

Overall, the concert probably wasn't as good as Live at Slaine (which is really hard to beat), but it was damn good. Though, it was the most expensive free concert I've ever been to, considering if you factor in hotel, airfare, and cab fare, it cost me about $650 dollars (from NYC), and I met plenty of other people from Oregon, California, all over.

Anyhow, here's the setlist. I got into the 3rd song before I realized I could type up a setlist on my PDA rather than trying to remember it all, so I hope I got all the first songs.

(note that some of the jams may have had pieces of new songs in them)
01 - Jam
02 - By the Way
03 - Scar Tissue
04 - Fortune Faded
05 - Otherside
06 - Throw away your television
07 - NEW: "For the 21st Century"
08 - Dont Forget Me
09 - I feel love (Donna Summer's Cover)
10 - Parallel Universe
11 - Thelonious Monk cover ("a good question" "you don't have to do nothing")
12 - Brandy
13 - Get On Top
14 - Soun to Squeeze
15 - NEW: "Ready Made" ("ready made / steady as a river flows / ready made / this is how the story goes")
16 - Jam
17 - Californicatoin
18 - NEW: "Red Hot Mama"
19 - Right on time
20 - Can't Stop
21 - Jam (John on Bass Flea on Trumpet)
22 - Under the Bridge
23 - Give It Away
24 - Jam
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Hey everyone. Ever since I heard "Under the Bridge" when I was little, I've been a RHCP fan and Anthony Kiedis fanatic. Through high school I had many a conversation laughing over how badly I would have given anything to see Anthony in a sock. I got jealous over my friends having gotten sold-out tickets to an intimate NYC RHCP concert. The list goes on. I have the last 4 albums of theirs and continue to watch my collection grow. But Blood Sugar Sex Magic is still my favorite album of all time. The title song is my favorite, with Suck My Kiss as a close second. So after all these years, I finally got the chance to meet Anthony in New York a few months ago. He was as nice as a stranger could be, and I'll never forget hearing his voice, looking in his eyes, being that close up to him. But I was so nervous I forgot to shake his hand. Then I walked away and was kicking myself. I'm still upset about it after a few months. So I'm posting up my autographed copy of "Scar Tissue" on EBay. I thought about keeping it forever for myself, but really, I just wanted the experience of meeting him. And I got that, and it will stay with me forever. I'd rather pass on the actual autographed book to someone who would want that just as much as my meeting him. Here it is, authentic signature, wristband, receipt, and all. Take a look!

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Flea's getting hitched


RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS rocker FLEA has got engaged to his supermodel girlfriend FRANKIE RAYDER.

The UNDER THE BRIDGE bassist proposed with a "fat diamond ring" a "very happy" Rayder tells PAGESIX.COM.

Flea - real name MICHAEL PETER BALZARY - has been married once before, from 1988 to 1990 to LOESHA ZEVIAR, the mother of his 16-year-old daughter CLARA.
31/01/2005 17:34