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__goldielocks's Journal

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Love me!
4 strings, acting, andain, angel, anime, armin van buuren, art deco, astrology, australia, baudelaire orphans, being naughty, being uninhibited, belly dancing, bjork, blink 182, blur, bottom draco, boyd holbrook, boyd/hugh, boys in eyeliner, boys kissing, brian/justin, britpop, buffy, cats, cheesecake, chocolate, clairvoyance, coffee, converse, cooking, dandy warhols, daniel radcliffe, design, diamante brooches, discworld, divination, doctor who, draco in knickers, draco malfoy, drama, dreaming, exhibitionist, fantasy, ferry corsten, flirting, gale harold, genderfuck, glitter, goldie, good omens, graphic design, gryffinclaw, gryffindor, harry potter, harry/draco, hogwarts scarves, hole, hp sticks, hugh dancy, hugh/boyd, humour, icons, indie rock, italian food, johnny depp, knitting, labyrinth, legolas, lenore, lightning storms, literature, lord of the rings, maxine_chan, miints, moby, mythical creatures, mythology, neil gaiman, oasis, orlando bloom, pencils, pervy werewolves, photography, pinups, pirates, placebo, potc, pretty boys, princess bride, psychology, pulp, qaf, queer as folk, rain, ravenclaw, raves, reading, red shoes, red wine, roman dirge, ron/hermione, roses, sandman, scarves, school uniforms, school-tie-and-scarf bondage, sci-fi, scrubs, shoes, shopping, six feet under, skirt!draco, slash, sleeping, smut, snogging, snow, sparkly stuff, spike, starts with a spin, sunsets, survivor, swas, tarot, tarot cards, techno, terry pratchett, the cure, the killers, the libertines, the sopranos, theatre, tie!smut, ties, tiesto, tolkien, trainers, trance, vampires, vintage, vintage clothing, volkswagen beetles, wit, writing, yaoi