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Jemz and I have come to offer our gift for you, a little joint porn project inspired by a bit of comment porn we did many moons ago with prestonsbarr (okay really not very long ago at all) in your lovely LJ right when all the madness began. Tis a sequel to the Harry-in-pretty-knickers pron, and has been called "Goldieporn" in my files since we started working on it, but since it needs a proper title, Jemz and I have decided on:

Slipping it off
by: swtjemz and dramaphile
Rated: PORN!!! *licks you*
Pairing: Draco/Harry (who else???)

Harry snuck into the flat holding a plain brown package. He paused in the hallway, listening for any sounds that would indicate that his lover was home. After a few silent moments, Harry quickly trotted to the bedroom. He performed a quick Silencing and Locking charms on the front door and as an afterthought, put up a charm to alert him when Draco was at the door.

There was no way his lover is going to spoil this surprise, not after what had happened last time.

Harry quickly checked the bedroom to make sure he was alone. He put in a Muggle CD into the charmed stereo and started blasting a song. A large mirror hung on a wall to the side of the huge king-size bed. He began to remove the contents within the brown package and laid them across the bed.

Quickly, he stripped off his clothes and began to put on his new purchases. Frowning at a particular demanding string not tying correctly, Harry licked his lips and unconsciously began to bop his head to the beat pulsating from the stereo. After successfully tying the strings, Harry glanced up at the mirror and gawked at his own image.

A plaid, knee-length skirt and a thin white shirt encased his body. Thin black suspenders held the skirt up while a pair of white stockings encased his toned legs and a pair of half gloves encased his hands, the long thin strings wrapped lovingly around his forearms. Draco’s Slytherin tie was tied loosely around his neck.

Harry smiled at the thought of his boyfriend. Draco practically ravished him the last time Harry tried to prepare a special “seduction”. Maybe it was the green, lacy knickers or the sight of Harry shaking his ass to the music that incited Draco to such heights of lust.

He smirked wickedly as his seduction replayed in his mind. Picking up the black kohl liner, he began to line his eyes the way Hermione taught him earlier in the day. A sheer application of pink, strawberry-flavored lip gloss was applied to finish the look. Harry practiced a few “come-hither” and “I want to seduce you” looks but decided that he felt too silly to actually use them on Draco. A plain pair of mary janes completed his entire outfit.

He went to the kitchen to prepare a few drinks and some snacks for after the dance. He sipped on some Firewhiskey for some liquid courage. He paused in his preparations to close his eyes and let the beat instill itself into his body. Unconsciously undulating his hips, he imagined what he wanted to do as Draco sat in front of him, bound with Gryffindor ties to the chair and his face intent on Harry. He hardened as he imagined the breathy moans and sexy low growls that would come from Draco’s soft, perfect lips.

Abruptly, Harry shook himself out of his fantasy, wanting to see his lover’s face and hear his voice. Harry glanced at the kitchen clock. Only forty-five minutes until Draco came home. Plenty of time for Harry began to practice a few of the moves that Hermione had also taught him earlier that day. Lord knows that Harry needed all the practice he could get, especially if he wanted to pull off the night’s planned activity. With a deep sigh, he began to shimmy to the song currently blasting in the living room.


Draco apparated to the front door of their flat and walked in, hanging up his coat in the wardrobe before heading towards the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea. The sound of music filtering in from their bedroom stopped him in his tracks. Some of that muggle crap Harry likes, he thought, Salazar only knows why he insists on keeping up with that sort of uncivilized drivel.

Still, it was rather catchy, and Draco swayed his hips a little to the thumping bass as he made his way towards the source of the music.

“Harry?” he called from the hallway, but no one answered. He pushed open the door to the bedroom and what he saw stopped him in his tracks. Harry, dressed in some kind of fucking sexy schoolgirl’s uniform wearing a Slytherin tie, was moving his hips to the beat of the music, slowly grinding against a magically conjured brass pole coming down from the ceiling. He arched his back, running one hand down his check while rubbing sinuously against the pole. Draco’s mouth went dry and his trousers got tighter as he watched Harry dance as if he was in his own little world, memories of finding him in those sexy green knickers still fresh in his mind.

Harry slid up and down the pole, his skirt riding up in the front from the friction against the brass rod, and Draco saw a hint of the lacy tops of white stockings, held up with thin ribbons that surely led to a garter belt. Harry threw his head back, leaning away from the pole, and saw Draco standing in the doorway, watching him. He froze for a moment, and Draco swallowed, a bit sad that the game was up, until Harry looked him in the eye from under kohl-lined lids and slowly resumed grinding against the poll, lips parted and shining.


Harry smirked to himself as the chime indicating Draco had arrived sounded in the bedroom. He immediately began to gyrate against the pole, hips thrusting forward and slowly rubbing down the pole, causing his skirt to lift a bit to offer a tantalizing peek. Harry threw his head back while arching his back, caught sight of Draco, and froze. Now or never, Harry thought and peeked up at Draco from under his lashes. Slowly, surely, Harry rubbed his hips back up against the pole. His cock began to throb with the desire and the knowledge that Draco was standing there, watching him. He winked saucily and continued to frot against the brassy pole in tune to the pulsating music.

After a few twirls, he stalked forward to a frozen Draco. Gently, he leaned forward and nibbled on Draco’s neck. A breathy moan wafted up to Harry’s ears and, with a sexy smirk, he led Draco to a chair.

“Hello, love. Have a seat.”

With those instructions whispered into Draco’s ear and a few licks here and there, Harry flicked his wrist and Draco was tied securely to the chair. Draco tugged at the red and gold ties holding him down, startled for a moment.

“I want you to sit back and enjoy the show,” Harry smiled seductively, hands gracefully fiddling with Draco’s green and silver tie that was hanging around his neck. Draco’s eyes followed his hands as they slowly unbuttoned the sheer shirt underneath the tie. Harry slowly swayed his hips as he started to dance to the music once more. Moving his hips in slow circles, Harry slowly turned around and slipped off the shirt. He began to walk back to the pole, only to run his fingers up and down the smooth metal.

With his backside facing Draco, Harry began to gyrate against the pole, moving lower and lower until his arse began to thrust out and offer Draco tantalizing peeks under the short grey skirt. Flashes of red, black, and silver caught Draco’s eye as the sinful skirt was abruptly lifted by one of Harry’s hands as it made it’s way up from his thigh to hip. Harry tossed a wicked smirk to Draco and promptly turned around, pole rubbing against the crevice of his arse. With the same free hand, Harry cupped his hard cock and began to trace its curve.

He watched Draco through hooded eyes and waited until a moan escaped Draco’s soft lips before spreading his legs wide to offer him the prize view, a crotchless thong that parted as he slid a finger down the slit of the silky material. With a low moan that heated up Draco’s cock even more, Harry stroked a finger across his perineum, gasping softly as his cock twitched against the fabric. He looked at Draco through his eyelashes as desire curled around him and made him feel sexy and wanton.

Slowly taking his hand away, he stood up and stalked towards Draco. Slow kisses that started on Draco’s cheek worked their way up to his eyelashes and down to his lips. With lips barely touching, Harry’s tongue made itself known by licking Draco’s lips, softly and slowly. With a quiet sigh, harry sealed their lips and slid onto Draco’s lap. His hands quickly divested Draco of his shirt and found sensitive nipples that drew out the breathiest of moans.

Unconsciously, Harry began to move his hips until their covered cocks bumped and rubbed each other. One hand slid down to unbuckle and unzip Draco’s pants. Harry reached inside and gently pulled Draco’s cock out, stroking it lovingly. Harry’s hips rocked forward, letting the slide of the silk thong stimulate Draco’s throbbing erection. Harry sat, grinding and thrusting until Draco’s cock somehow manage to slip up that little slit in the thong and brush against his cock, hard and hot and so good and he stopped moving to groan hotly into his lover’s mouth. Regaining his sense of purpose, he slowly lifted himself off Draco, sliding Draco out of his knickers, and walked a few paces back.

Harry began to shimmy his hips as he slowly pulled the skirt down. He turned once more and pulled the skirt down his legs, bending over to offer Draco a tantalizing view of arse, the slit in the thong, his legs still in white stockings, and the garter belt framing his hips. Finally with the skirt off, Harry flicked his wrist to levitate a tube of lubricant to him. Continuing his practiced moves, Harry settled himself on a chair, propping his legs on the sides, and spread his thighs as far as he could. Slowly untying the laces to his gloves, he yanked them off with his teeth and reached down to rub his cock.

“Watch, draco.’ Harry commanded, and promptly slid his fingers to his entrance and began to tease himself. Harry began to rub himself though the satin knickers, Tracing every wrinkle and occasionally dipping inside until he couldn’t tease himself any longer and he slowly inserted his finger inside himself.


Draco struggled against his restraints as he watched his boyfriend slowly fuck himself with one finger, then two, gasping and moaning as he curved a hand around his cock and fisted it slowly.

“Let me go, Harry,” he said breathlessly, enthralled with the sight before him, Harry, spread wide just for him, sliding fingers into his tight arse, head thrown back in ecstasy. Harry who smirked at him, stroked his cock deliberately and shook his head. Draco was nearly painfully hard, cock straining toward his belly, needing so badly to touch, to taste, to be touched and tasted. But the ties held him firmly to the chair, and all he could do was buck his hips in frustration, thrusting into nothing but air.

“Let me touch you,” Draco said, and Harry merely smiled and twisted his wrist, hissing at the sensation. He removed his fingers with a soft moan and moved towards Draco, slowly sinking to his knees in front of him and licking the inside of one thigh and then the other, his soft hair the only thing brushing against Draco’s aching erection. Slowly, he licked the base of Draco’s cock, chin nudging against his sensitive sac, and licked up the underside, tongue flicking against the vein there and then against the base of the head before taking the head in his mouth and softly suckling at it.

Draco gritted his teeth and tried desperately not to thrust into the wet heat of Harry’s mouth, wanting so badly to bury himself in his tight throat. Harry took more of him in and reached up and gently rolled Draco’s balls in his palm as he sucked, tongue wriggling against the underside as he took him even deeper. He slid back, swirling his tongue around the head and then sucking again, sliding his mouth down, taking Draco’s cock deeper than before until the head bumped against the back of his throat and he swallowed him down, the muscles of his throat working around the head of Draco’s cock, tongue against he shaft and It was too much, so much, so good, and one more thrust and Draco was sure he would come.

“Wait,” Draco croaked out, and Harry let him slip from his mouth with a soft ‘pop’ and looked up at him, rapture in his expression.

“Wanna come inside you,” Draco managed, and Harry grinned and climbed onto Draco’s lap, kissing him slowly, with increasing heat. Draco was so engrossed in Harry’s mouth that he didn’t notice him raise up, only felt the blinding heat of Harry’s body sinking down onto his cock, surrounding him with tight heat.

Draco cried out at the sensation and forced himself to think about that green mud mask that Pansy used to wear around the common room to keep from coming because this was just too good to waste so early. Harry raised up and sank down on him again, eyes closing and mouth falling open as he did so, breathing in shallow, panting gasps.

“Touch yourself,” Draco panted out, and Harry steadied himself with one hand and slid the other between their bodies, wrapping fingers around his own cock and stroking in steady rhythm with the excruciatingly slow movements of Harry’s body. Draco pressed his mouth to Harry’s neck, tasting the salt-sweet skin there, and bit down as Harry squeezed around him and circled his hips, murmuring, “Love you,” in his ear before increasing his pace up-down, up-down, fucking himself on Draco’s cock. Draco moaned softly and tried to thrust back, but he was trapped by the ties and Harry’s weight and could only sit there, lips and tongue traveling up Harry’s neck and jaw, capturing his lips as Harry sank down on him again and again, each stroke twisting his arousal further in his belly. His toes curled as Harry thumbed one of his nipples with his free hand and squeezed around him again and he was gone, muscles clenching against his restraints, hips arching up into Harry, coming hard, gasping into Harry’s mouth and his body shuddered in pleasure. Harry thrusts against him, fisting his cock faster, and sucked at Draco’s neck as he spurted wet onto Draco’s abdomen, arse clenching around Draco’s sensitized cock.

Finite’ncantatem,” Harry murmured into his ear, and the ties fell away from Draco’s limbs and he pulled Harry to him, wrapping his arms around his sated form.

Harry kissed his ear, and then licked the line of his jaw before softly pressing his lips to Draco’s in a slow kiss. He sighed softly as Draco’s softening cock slipped out of him and snuggled closer, wrapping Draco’s body in his warmth.

“Happy birthday, Draco,” He whispered against Draco’s lips, and Draco pulled back, eyebrow raised.

“What do you mean ‘happy birthday,’? My birthday’s not for six months!”

“But- J.K. Rowling said your birthday was the fifth of June,” Harry said petulantly, pouting adorably.

Draco scoffed. “That crazy old bint? And you believed her when she said Sirius Black was dead too, didn‘t you?!”

The End

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