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Silly Birthday Present from a silly girl.

Happy Birthday, Goldie! Given our past discussions about Hugh and vibrating rubber duckies... this just popped into my head for you.

In the oversized antique tub, Hugh Dancy sprawled out, eyeing his new toy. His slightly hairy legs were spread, an ankle over each side of the tub. His normally wild hair was flattened against his head, slicked back, a trail of bath bubbles remaining from his hand sliding through it.

In his hand was an oversized waterproof rubber ducky. He stared at it for a moment and then looked at the box, narrowing his eyes at the instructions. "Press it's back to make it vibrate." Hugh pressed it's back and in spite of its expected response of vibrations, he still jumped. Watching the small whirring blue eyes and tacky orange bill, Hugh wondered how, exactly, you were supposed to use this thing.

He plunged it under the water, but it wouldn't stay down. It was too buoyant to leave the head buzzing at his rectum. Shifting his hips forward, he slid his legs further over the sides of the tub, which caused his erection to emerge from the water. He wriggled down so that the back of his neck rested on the tub and slid the duck down his abdomen to rest against his cock. Only, the vibrations weren't enough to really do much of anything that way.

So, he pushed the pulsating duck down under his prick and held it against his balls. There it seemed to make a gentle difference. Fisting his cock in his hand, he started to slowly pull the loose, velvety skin, teasing his finger over the head as he closed his eyes. It wasn't perfect, he'd expected more from this sex toy than to simply be cute, but at least it was cheap.

His cheeks rouged as his hand started to move faster. His hips pumped into his hand, causing the water to start a wave in it. Suds spilled out over the sides as Hugh thrashed harder. His plus lips parted as his shuddered breaths echoed in the white tiled room.

Close, so close. His abdomen muscles flexed and worked under his smooth, hairless skin as he moved faster, with more reckless abandon, splashing hard into the water with loud splashes. The bubbles sailed up through the air like snowflakes, and swirled and danced before falling back down over Hugh's strained face and over his dark hair. With a last, strong, "Ugh!" his body went rigid and his prick spat out over his glistening chest, dribbling off of his side into the milky water.

After the last of him ad been milked out by his thrumming hand, Hugh finally relaxed into what was left of the warm water in the tub and sighed blissfully.

And, of course, an icon to go with... in Goldie-riffic colors :)

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