way to take forever.

man. im so bad. okay goldie honey. a late birthday present because i am incompetent. i will someday, (but not very soon im sorry, all tied up for liek a month and a half now) but EVENTUALLY i will one day make u a very pretty picture. or sumthing. but for now, here's an icon, whipped up and done twice due to stupid mistakes, and actually not SO good because i have four assessments due in four weeks *blahblah excuses excuses*

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because everyones all about Draco and the Lingerie (ESPECIALLY Goldie)

*many glomps of wanting forgiveness*




Jemz and I have come to offer our gift for you, a little joint porn project inspired by a bit of comment porn we did many moons ago with prestonsbarr (okay really not very long ago at all) in your lovely LJ right when all the madness began. Tis a sequel to the Harry-in-pretty-knickers pron, and has been called "Goldieporn" in my files since we started working on it, but since it needs a proper title, Jemz and I have decided on:

Slipping it off
by: swtjemz and dramaphile
Rated: PORN!!! *licks you*
Pairing: Draco/Harry (who else???)

Because Goldie is the bestest pron inspirer in the universe!Collapse )

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Hey Goldie!!! Happy B-day, I am so glad that I've gotten to know you. I have a b-day present about half written so hopefully I'll have it up by the end of today, even though technically where you are it will be after your birthday. Hope you have a great day! Loff you sweetie.

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Lord, I love you lot. ♥ ♥ ♥

This is possibly the best birthday ever. Everyone has been so sweet and thoughtful and amazing and just... wow. *tears up with a grin**

I'm still at work, which isn't letting me see any of the pictures or icons except for those by miints, and I'm about to leave straight from here to go watch Boring Brad Pitt sex it up with Luscious Angelina Jolie at the moofies, so I'll wait til I'm home later and can experience this comm in all its technicolour glory before I reply to you all. <--- gets the Long Sentence Award

but just thanks. Thanks so much for thinking of me and taking the time to do something for me. It means so, so much. ♥♥♥♥♥
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i am such a bad friend. this reall is a pointless post. except i had to say:


and im so sorry i completely had no idea it was today *headesk*

will have present soon. i promise!