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1) You must be a faithful Harry Potter fan.
2)Only post things that have to do with Harry Potter here.
3) Anything that has to do with Harry Potter may be posted here.
4)Anything that doesn't have to do with Harry Potter will be deleted.
5) If you are posting Fan Fiction, Icons, etc. that is not appropriate for children, please post it under a cut with a warning.
6)When you join, introduce yourself to everyone else.
7) Be friendly when someone else posts, leave a comment.
8) Please refrain from using innappropriate language in the community.
9) Fans from different fandoms that are here to put down Harry Potter fans, please leave and never come back.
10) Be nice to other members, and no being mean please.
11)Abide the rules and most importantly, have fun!
12)Please place all Spoilers BEHIND A CUT AND WITH A WARNING!

If you're posting for the first time and don't know what to say, fill this in and post it:

Where did you come to find this Community?:
How long have you been into Harry Potter?:
Do you write Fan Fiction?:
Do you draw Fan Art?:
Do you make graphics?:
Have you ever been involved in another Community before?:
What is your favorite book out of the Harry Potter series?:
What is your favorite movie out of all of the movies?:
Would you consider yourself 'obsessed' with Harry Potter?

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