Gypsy (gypsyfreezin) wrote in __godricshollow,

Hello, My Name is __________

Name: Sara
Age: 22
Where did you come to find this Community?: A couple of weeks ago, been busy so haven't introduced myself. Sorry!
How long have you been into Harry Potter?: Wow...since the first book was out. A teacher at school read it to us when I was 15. I've been into HP since then. I'll thank Mr.Gage now. :P
Do you write Fan Fiction?: I do. Been working on one story for the past two years. I might add it on her guys.
Do you draw Fan Art?: I'm awful with art. I can do stick Harry and Ron but thats about it!
Do you make graphics?: Nah, not good with that stuff.
Have you ever been involved in another Community before?: Never. My first!
What is your favorite book out of the Harry Potter series?: Prisoner of Azkaban for sure!
What is your favorite movie out of all of the movies?: Goblet, the effects were amazing and they are so much more grown up there. CANNOT WAIT TIL JULY, OotP!!!
Would you consider yourself 'obsessed' with Harry Potter? Oh yeah. I have fan-girl moments. In public. I can't control them......people worry some times.
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