December 12th, 2011

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Time and fate. Two powerful forces separate but always influencing one another. It can force people a part or bring them together. It can destroy, it can heal. It can ruin people's lives or fix them. One decision influences another, forever changing the course of history, constantly presenting new What Ifs?

So then, what if these two factors could be merged? What if someone from one time could be reunited from someone from another? What if one person who made one decision can be by the side of someone who made another?

It is not a matter of just thinking, because it is here.

These what if worlds, these new dimensions, are all in one place. Imagine a Voldemort who was raised by Merope, an Andromeda who was never able to fully escape her family, a Harry who was never the Boy Who Lived, a Hermione who was born a boy or a Draco who only ever knew a world where Voldemort was in charge. What is more, imagine if all of these competing individuals, eras and dimensions were pulled into one place and started to interact.

You do not need to imagine.

Welcome to Nexus where time and dimensions collide.

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