January 6th, 2006

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Co-Mod Vicki here! We mods have decided to try to kick this community up a notch, and get some things started...of course, there's no beter way than an ICON CONTEST!!! So, get your thinking caps and artistic flourishes ready-here are a few screencaps to be used for the first challenge: Harry Potter. Clearly. These are, as you probably have noticed, all from movie 1. So, in this challenge, you are permited to combine images, use any brushes or text or other effects that you may so desire, but you may not use the same image in multiple icons. And, Harry must be present in the icon! There is an upper limit of 4 icons, to see how the response turns out, and we will post a set of all entries for voting when we reach 10 entries, or worst comes to worst by the night of the 21st, about 2 weeks from now. Submit entries by replying to this post, comments are screened, so that only us mods can see them for now! And if you have any questions, please ask away here as well...here are the images; get started!

You're a wizard, Harry!Collapse )

Click the thumbnails for a larger image...Thanks to the mods at wandless_icons for the HTML to do the job!

Good luck!

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