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Sequel to 'Love is in the Air' Rated PG

Life in a New Home

It was almost 10 months after moving into their new home, and Harry and Ginny where quite busy with their new home and new baby, Grace. Harry was unpacking the rest of their things while Ginny fed Grace. When Harry walked into the kitchen, Ginny had finished feeding Grace and asked Harry if he wanted to go for a walk with her and Grace. Harry said "yes". So they took Grace for a walk. While they were out they met up with Ron, Hermione, and Ron Jr. ; they offered to watch Grace for a night so Harry and Ginny could have a night to themselves. So Harry and Ginny went back home to unpack some more, but when they walked in they found a freed house elf, and a candle light dinner. The house elf was Dobby who wanted to do them a favor for being there for him over the years, but the candle light dinner was all Ron and Hermione's idea. And what happens after dinner that night for Harry and Ginny, Well I think you all know what happened after dinner that night at the Potter house.

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