Kendra Lauren (0ui0ui) wrote in __gocommando,
Kendra Lauren

Okay, my name is Kendra and Im one of your mods. Claire and I just made thins community because we were bored and as you can tell, its just a really random community. We really arent this obsessed with underwear.

Anyway, just follow the rules and nobody will get hurt...yeah Im a loser. I know that the rule say that you have to be 13+ but screw that. I love Ben Burgett so much that I made him one of the mods and hes only 12 right now. So, I mean if your twelve it doesnt can still be in our community.

Dont be a loser and get into fights with people kay? Were cooler than you and we know we are...we are superior so dont screw with us...just kidding, but Im serious.


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