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this is Claire, talking from kaitlyn(blaknblu). it won't let her send anything...

Name: Kaitlyn
Location: williamsville
Hair color: dirty blonde
Eye color: gray
Sock color that youre wearing: white
High or low socks: low
Favorite store: hollister
Favorite article of clothing: tank tops
5+ Favorite Bands: greenday, good charlotte, NIN, smashing pumpkins, thats all
Favorite singer: Billie Jo
Celebrity that should be wiped off the face of the planet: HILARY DUFF
Why should they be:SHES A SNOB FOR MAKING good charlotte PREP!
5+ Worst Bands: hilary duff, lindsay lohan, no doubt/Gwen, smash mouth
5+ Best Movies: napolean dynamite, the wedding date, the ring, the notebook, hitch
5+ Worst Movies: shrek 1 and 2, scooby doo, raise your voice, the hialry duff movie,-any movies that hilary duff are in.

Name 5 words that describe you- funny, aggressive, odd, hyper,active,                                                                                                          Would you rather eat chocolate or ice cream - chocolate
How late do you wake up on a weekend 11:01
What is your middle name - Elizabeth
Would you rather watch a movie or listen to music - movie

Cheese: cake
Pop: tart
Music: jam
Ugly: person
Pretty: jelly fish
Wonkers: ?
Sting: bee
Banana: yellow
Ben: steller
Retard: fish
Marshmallow: pillow
Creamcicle: pop
Bona Fied: fied
Shoulders: feet
Meat Heads: meat balls
Boiled Down: warm
Teeny Boppers: bop
Strain: beef
Space Cadets: wierdos
Dead Beats: green
Clothes Whores: dress
Spagetti O's: yummy
Skaters: hot
Posers: need's life's

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hey, im Claire and i am one of your mods.hm, this is going to be a fun adventure. me and kendra made this community up just cus we were kinda bored. but it looked funn. o yea, and by the way. we're not that obsessed with underware. its just for laughs. well i hope you like it.<3 claire

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Hair color:brown
Eye color:brown
Sock color that youre wearing:none
High or low socks:very low
Favorite store:KB toys!
Favorite article of clothing:pantywhose
5+ Favorite Bands:the startingline  fall out boy  atreyu   storyoftheyear  takingbaksunday
Favorite singer:marilyn manson
Celebrity that should be wiped off the face of the planet:clay aiken
Why should they be:cuz he is bi
5+ Worst Bands:offspring  simple plan   goodcharlott counting crows  jimmie eats world
5+ Best Movies:the notebook  shrek 2 bubble boy willie wonka cats!
5+ Worst Movies:saw saw saw saw saw

Name 10 words that describe you weird excited energetic lonley not emo
Would you rather eat chocolate or ice cream CHOCOLATE!
How late do you wake up on a weekend like 9 30
What is your middle name Delane
Would you rather watch a movie or listen to music any movie other than saw

Red: blood
Cheese: mouse
Pop: nsynce
Sting: bee
Banana: monkey
Creamcicle:willie wonka
Bona Fied:willie wonka
Shoulders:knees and toes
Hobnobs: nees
Meat Heads:dinasoar
Boiled Down:marshmellow
Teeny Boppers:tiny toons
Space Cadets: the song i play in piano
Dead Beats:purple
Clothes Whores:i dunno
Spagetti O's:red blood cells

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Okay, my name is Kendra and Im one of your mods. Claire and I just made thins community because we were bored and as you can tell, its just a really random community. We really arent this obsessed with underwear.

Anyway, just follow the rules and nobody will get hurt...yeah Im a loser. I know that the rule say that you have to be 13+ but screw that. I love Ben Burgett so much that I made him one of the mods and hes only 12 right now. So, I mean if your twelve it doesnt matter...you can still be in our community.

Dont be a loser and get into fights with people kay? Were cooler than you and we know we are...we are superior so dont screw with us...just kidding, but Im serious.