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am i glowing?

1. Whats your name - Bonnie
2. How old are you - 17
3. When's your Birthday? - May 13
4. Location - Pennsylvania
5. Hobbies - hanging out with my friends, watching movies, going online, driving around, listening to music, taking pictures...
6. Sexual Preference? - boys
7. Do you play an instrument? - nope. i used to play flute in like 6th grade but i quit. and my boyfriend tried teaching me how to play bass and guitar but i failed him =( i refuse to touch a guitar now.

1. Movies [5+] -
  • edward scissorhands
  • beetlejuice
  • anchorman
  • high fidelity
  • zoolander
    2. Bands [10+] -
  • the clash
  • bad religion
  • big d and the kids table
  • crass
  • subhumans
  • the damned
  • mindless self indulgence
  • toy dolls
  • the cramps
  • x-ray spex
    3. Books [3+] -
  • i dont like reading
  • sorry
  • =/
    4. Shows [3+] -
  • reno 911
  • boy meets world
  • full house
    5. Actor - ben stiller
    6. Actress - winona ryder
    7. Quote - "a smile on the lips and a hole in the head"
    8. Color - green
    9. Number - 1
    10. Food-rice a roni or brownie mix
    11. Store[for anything]- 7-11 for food. forever 21 for clothes
    12. Month - may
    13. Season - spring
    14. Holiday? - my birthday

    [This or That]
    1. Radio or CD player? - cd player. i would die of boredom without it.
    2. Snow or Rain? - rain. especially thunderstorms. i find them so relaxing because you can just lay in your bed and listen to the rain and thunder.
    3. Lights on or Lights off? - lights off
    4. Reading or Writing? - i like writing. not anything creative like stories or poems, i just like writing stuff down.

    1. Suicide - i think its so wrong and stupid to do. suicidal people think that their lives are so bad and they cant fix it so they have nothing else to do but take their life. i mean if you're that unhappy thats a sign that you should change something in your life. i cant stand to hear suicide stories. its just so sad.
    2. Same Sex Marriages - they are fine with me. i dont see whats so wrong with 2 people loving each other and want to show it by getting married. who are we to say who should be together and who shouldnt. what ever happened to everyone is equal?
    3. Bush - i think he's doing a pretty crappy job as president. i see him as a liar and power hungry. he wants to take over everyone's lives in our country and other ones too and have them be how he wants them. plus all the shitty stuff he's done about the war and stuff.
    4. Teen Pregnancy - I think they should of been more careful about having sex, unless what they wanted was to become pregnant. But i think its sad because if they have a child their whole life is over and now they have to spend the rest of their life taking care of someone else and themself. That must be one of the hardest things to go through i bet.
    5. If the world were to end in 24 hours, what would you do?- I would cry alot. Then i would spend as much time with my family and friends and boyfriend as i could. I would hug them all so tight. then probably go do fun stuff.
    6. Who inspires you in life? Who do you look up to? Nobody inspires me except me. I dont like to look up to anyone because i want to base my life on who i really am and not try to be or act like anyone else.

    1. Who was your first kiss? todd of course!
    2. How did you hear of __glowing?: someone invited me anonymously on my journal
    3. On a scale of 1-10 [1 being lowest and 10 higest] what would you rate yourself? i dont know if you mean for looks but i would say 5. i'm okay..
    3. Promote to at least 1 person, give link:http://www.livejournal.com/users/_worldisyours/1899.html?view=3435#t3435
    4. A 100x100 picture of yourself to go into the userinfo :
    5. Now Post Pictures [5-15] :

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