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Name= Megan.
Age= 16.
Top five bands
-Third Eye Blind.
-No Doubt.
-Maroon 5.
Top five Movies
-Party Monster.
-A Walk to Remember.
-Billy Madison.
-The Wedding Singer.
-Mean Girls.

Express your Opinion.

Abortion= I am pro-choice. I will admit this, I do not believe abortion is murder, I think it has it's routes.I think of all the perspectives about it, I mean this isn't always a case of two young teenagers fooling around, sometimes it's rape and stuff like that. I mean if a woman is pregnant and is a big drug addict or drinking addict how do you expect her to be able to care for a child? Yes, there is always adoption is always available but I've watched movies, i've seen actual people in real life who have givin up a child for adoption and they just think about it all the time, and someone whose already and addict may become depressed even more about it and could end up killing themselves. That is not always the case, but it happens. Women who are raped and later become pregnant fear that their child will come out with a disease or..maybe take after the rapist in some way, and I just don't believe they should be forced to have a child of someone that just violated their life, and gave them something they weren't ready for. However I do believe that all women who become pregnant should give it a chance to think about, don't just say "oh i'm pregnant going to get an abortion" really think about it, because that's unfair if you don't. I have never been pregnant, never came close, I don't know the emotions of pregnancy perhaps if I did know the emotions my beliefs would change but..for now i'm sticking to what I believe because in my mind it's the logical right thing to do.
Abstinence= I think it's great to wait to be married. I mean you have very little risk of ever becoming infected with an STD or AIDS and I think it's really romantic and very sweet if you're just having sex for the first time with the person you just married. I have a lot of respect for that.
Sex before 15= Too Young. I think even 15 is to young in my eyes. I know it happens and there really isn't much any of us can do about it. I don't know the emotions of making love, but what I do know from learning different things is that sex is suppose to be for love that's why it is called making love, I don't think anyone 15 and under are able to controll the emotions you get afterwords from it. I don't know why they would think they need it at that young of an age, have fun do things normal 15 year olds would do, they shouldn't have to be worrieing about STDs, AIDs, or Pregnancy that young.
Suicide= It's really sad. I wish people could be stronger and not feel the need to kill themselves, I would hope they would seek help. I could totally understand why they would feel they need to,'s never okay to kill yourself because everyone is beautiful inside and out, they should be happy with who they are and not care about what kids at school say or anyone says, they should be strong and never give up. I would hope anyone who is feeling like this would get some help, because it's very sad when you hear about young kids and adults dying because they feel their not needed.

What do you think about...

Paris Hilton= Well she's gotta very nice figure, she's like a barbie doll. Perfect in everyway. I'm sure she's a very nice person and I really have nothing against her, but I don't like how she can dress and act like a slut at times.
Xtina= I love her. She really has such a great attitude, not caring about what ANYONE says about her expressing herself the way she does, sure she dresses a little trashy sometimes and I think she's a bad influence to younger viewers but...she's got the most highest confidence and I'm really inspired by that. Christina also has an gorgeous voice, I love her music and I think she's great and should be allowed to go on stage and dress the way she wants and not be judged.
Britney Spears= I think Britney is so sweet, I don't know her but i've seen her on many television shows and interviews she just seems like the sweetest celebrity, a real sweetheart. She presents herself in a non-trashy, herself way and I like that. As far as talent she's great at performance and stuff, but I think she doesn't have a good voice. It's not horrible and it makes hits,'s not the kind of voice I want to listen to.
Michael Jackson= He's an amazing artist, he truly is. I feel sorry for him because I think he's really gotten sick, just from doing everything from ruining his image, liking little kids a little to much, I never know what to believe. He does give me the creeps, but....I do feel sorry for him. His music rocks, especially from 1979 and the early 80's, the songs are amazing to me.
Rush Limbaugh= I've heard of the name in that movie "Now and Then" before but..I really don't know who he is, heh. :-/
Howard Stern= I've heard his show on the radio a few times, even watched his show a few times and sometimes he can be really funny, but the other times, which is usually he is very perverted and I don't like that to much. I hate the way he talks about women...and how it's always about women. I would never want to meet him he scares me just how he's always talking about sex, sex, sex. I think he's really perverted I just don't like him very much.
George Bush JR= I am not one for politics, but...I think he's affected alot of people of this countries lives in a negative way. We're killing a ton of innocent people and it's turning into hell. I really hope these things he's planned helps us in the long run. I don't wish anything bad to happen to the president nor do I support him, but I hope he knows what he's doing.

Express your feelings about love I think one word to describe love is hard. It's very hard to explain, it's hard to find, it's hard to be involved in, and it's even more hard when the person you love doesn't love you back. I also think that love has alot of emotions that are not easy to figure out.

Express your feelings about yourself I'm a very mixed person about myself. Some days I have really high confidence. Other days I feel like I am not happy with myself and I feel like crying for no apparent reason. I think I am a very friendly and down to earth person and I'm fun to be around, i'm always the one that tries to encourage a person's downside to a goodside. When I have my bad days I try my hardest to never take it out on anyone. I think I am a very logical person, I always try to be fair. Generally I don't think i'm ugly but I don't think i'm gorgeous, I think i'm just you're average girl with a very cool personality.

What makes you different from others I appear always happy. I'm never sad around anybody, because I try my hardest not to ruin the moment for everybody else. I love actor, Seth Green, most girls don't like him or find him attractive like me. I also LOVE hanging out with my friends but I also LOVE staying home. I would overall say I am very unique and odd because I am shy to present and ask questions in front of my classes in school but when I'm around my family and friends it's totally different.

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