January 24th, 2006

Roy Mustang. Proud Soldier


Well, the first season of league for the FMA TCG is well underway! And oh boy is it a blast. Granted, some of the 4 clue point rules are annoying, they're supposed to be. And almost all of the 1 clue point rules are total cheese. My FAVORITE 1 clue point rule has got to be double command. It basically lets you play any ally in your deck on TURN ONE. It is unbelievably empowering to drop allies like "Alex Louis Armstrong: The Strong Arm Alchemist", "Roy Mustang: Pragmatist", or even "Edward Elric: Prodigy" on the first turn and watch your opponent go "Holy crap." You can also play any attachment card to your leader on turn one. Turn one "The Armstrong Family Gloves" anyone? When AH comes out, you'll even be able to play 11 cost allies of your faction or not on turn one.

But there are other entertaining rules as well. There's a 3 clue point rule that lets you start with a booster pack as your opening hand. I'm looking forward to testing out the Leaders as Allies rule. The "All Allies gain the Mob keyword" is pretty cool as well. If you hate cards like "Yoki: Corrupt Lieutenant", you'll have them more when there are 3 of them. Or even worse, cards like "Mugear: Land Baron" equipped with "Lab Gear" and "Stray Kitten". Imagine that. 3 of your people just got set and cannot assign (without help). Scary stuff.

However, there were 2 rules that I felt were misplaced: 3 clue point rule "All of your allies printed attributes are equal to their lowest attribute"; and 4 clue point rule "You can't use reacts".

I watched a match with the 2 people playing these rules. It was horror. The guy using the 4 point rule even had Alchemy characters, but it still wasn't enough. The person playing the 4 point rule was unfazed (and he was playing a Homunculous deck). But I was in somewhat disbelief, so I decided to test the rule myself in a game. I played with "Can't use reacts" against a person who was also playing a 4 point rule ("Defeat one of your characters at the beginning of every main phase"). All I did was drop the 5 characters in my deck that used reacts. Heck, I probably could've kept them in. But, the rule didn't really hurt me at all. The person I was playing on the other hand.....So, I decided to take advantage of the "You can edit or make up your own SD rules" and swap the 2 rules.

So, that's what's going on as far as league goes. You can find the League Overview, Superdeformed Rules, and Scoresheets here: http://www.fma-tcg.com/content/view/144/52/.

And I'll round things up today with the trademark card for State Alchemists: