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Cerebral Hobbies Pre-Release

It was an awesome time. Edward Bolme even came down for our pre-release. The ALA and Edward Elric decks both seem very balanced. MUCH more balanced (in my own opinion, everyone please formulate your own opinions) than in B&W. I think Joyride has done an excellent job with the set. And now here's a bit about what happened at the tourny:

I pulled out a very narrow win. Every game I played was very close and my hat's off to everyone I played against. I played with ALA and got lucky and drew his 6 command lvl 1 (enter Maes Hughes as starting) and his lvl 3 (which I only got to use once). The game against Ed (who played ALA and got his lvl 3 & 4) was insane. With both had Escalation in play by the end of everything so we were drawing 4 cards per turn. I took an early lead, but we had a massive battle half way through and I lost most of my allies, whereas Ed had duplicates of his best allies in his hand. So, I passed on a few locations to try and build my allies back up. Ed ran out of locations in his deck, so we ended up having to go off of mine. Luckily, I had the event that let's you search your location deck and put 1 location of your choice on top. I put The Conversion Room (my only Alchemy battle location) on top. I didn't have the allies to outmatch Ed, but I did have the Alchemy. I also played against Jordan and Brian (both of which had Edward Elric decks), and I barely inched out a win against them. Every battle, Jordan seemed to be able to respond to every event I played (in most cases negating the bonus I just gave my character. lol). And Brian pulled out ahead early with lots of Alchemy allies and Alchemy locations.

All of the games were super fun and super close too making for a great pre-release.

Hope everyone else had a great pre-release too! I'll leave you today with this:


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