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Artificial Human

Today I bring you:

The Promo card for the Artificial Human set. Let's review:

8 Alchemy is pretty high cost. Most leaders that have no Alchemy will have a tough time getting this card off the ground. Even the leaders with Alchemy will have a little difficulty. So, if you're going to play this card, you need to prepare for it.

Most of your 5 Alchemy allies will be able to play this card for 1 discard if you equip them with "Alchemist's Gloves". "Lyra, Upstart Alchemist" can play the card without EE if you equip her with "Alchemist's Gloves". Alternately, you can throw a "Lyra's Pendant" on one of your 5 Alchemy allies and the pendant's effect will make up for the 1 Alchemy you lack.

For leaders, it takes a bit more. If you're hoping to play "Artificial Human" with your level 2 leader, there's only 1 leader that can do it without any attachments: "Roy Mustang, Duelist". But even then, you've got to have 2 other State Alchemists in play before he can do it. Now, as for level 2 leaders that can play it by equipping "Alchemist's Gloves", you have more options: "Alphonse Elric, Protective Soul"; "Tim Marcoh, Clever Deserter"; and "Scar, Brawler". And now for the good news: If you've got "Lyra's Pendant" on your side, any level 2 leader that has 4 Alchemy or more can play this card. Heck, if you want to pay the EE cost, there are even some Level 1 leaders that can play this card if you've got "Lyra's Pendant".

So, overall, is it worth going through the trouble of putting this card in your deck? For the most part. It recovers someone AND brings them back to the Search Party for revenge. Anyone that plays with an Alchemy leader should put at least 1 of this card in their deck. So far, the only card I know of that you would have to worry about is the location "Arcane Prison". Other than that, it seems to be a pretty good card. We'll see if the CRD changes anything when it gets updated.

The Frost Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist TCG State Alchemist

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