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So. FMA TCG: The DS game. I picked it up yesterday, and haven't been able to put it down except for sleeping, eating, and typing up this entry.

I've seen average to slightly above average reviews for it, which is heartening. From the perspective of someone who's only exposure to the game was as a vouyer, it is a little confusing to play at first...but once the hang is gotten, it's fun.

Just wondering about other opinions.
Roy Mustang. Proud Soldier

Transmutation Note

This information was sent to all State Alchemists, so I figured I would pass it on to all of you as well:

"Just as an FYI -- the new cards in Transmutation are not legal in any FMA TCG tournament or league format at this time. We haven't yet decided on when exactly they will be and won't do so at least until Trevor gets into the office next week, but he asked me to fill everyone in on this point.

The reprint cards, of course, can be used in tournaments and leagues.

Jason Winter

Community and Media Relations Coordinator

Fullmetal Alchemist Trading Card Game"

So, hold off on building those Dante decks.....for now. That's all I've got for now. Stay frosty.

-The Frost Alchemist
Roy Mustang. Proud Soldier

Cerebral Hobbies Pre-Release

It was an awesome time. Edward Bolme even came down for our pre-release. The ALA and Edward Elric decks both seem very balanced. MUCH more balanced (in my own opinion, everyone please formulate your own opinions) than in B&W. I think Joyride has done an excellent job with the set. And now here's a bit about what happened at the tourny:

I pulled out a very narrow win. Every game I played was very close and my hat's off to everyone I played against. I played with ALA and got lucky and drew his 6 command lvl 1 (enter Maes Hughes as starting) and his lvl 3 (which I only got to use once). The game against Ed (who played ALA and got his lvl 3 & 4) was insane. With both had Escalation in play by the end of everything so we were drawing 4 cards per turn. I took an early lead, but we had a massive battle half way through and I lost most of my allies, whereas Ed had duplicates of his best allies in his hand. So, I passed on a few locations to try and build my allies back up. Ed ran out of locations in his deck, so we ended up having to go off of mine. Luckily, I had the event that let's you search your location deck and put 1 location of your choice on top. I put The Conversion Room (my only Alchemy battle location) on top. I didn't have the allies to outmatch Ed, but I did have the Alchemy. I also played against Jordan and Brian (both of which had Edward Elric decks), and I barely inched out a win against them. Every battle, Jordan seemed to be able to respond to every event I played (in most cases negating the bonus I just gave my character. lol). And Brian pulled out ahead early with lots of Alchemy allies and Alchemy locations.

All of the games were super fun and super close too making for a great pre-release.

Hope everyone else had a great pre-release too! I'll leave you today with this:


Artificial Human

Today I bring you:

The Promo card for the Artificial Human set. Let's review:

8 Alchemy is pretty high cost. Most leaders that have no Alchemy will have a tough time getting this card off the ground. Even the leaders with Alchemy will have a little difficulty. So, if you're going to play this card, you need to prepare for it.

Most of your 5 Alchemy allies will be able to play this card for 1 discard if you equip them with "Alchemist's Gloves". "Lyra, Upstart Alchemist" can play the card without EE if you equip her with "Alchemist's Gloves". Alternately, you can throw a "Lyra's Pendant" on one of your 5 Alchemy allies and the pendant's effect will make up for the 1 Alchemy you lack.

For leaders, it takes a bit more. If you're hoping to play "Artificial Human" with your level 2 leader, there's only 1 leader that can do it without any attachments: "Roy Mustang, Duelist". But even then, you've got to have 2 other State Alchemists in play before he can do it. Now, as for level 2 leaders that can play it by equipping "Alchemist's Gloves", you have more options: "Alphonse Elric, Protective Soul"; "Tim Marcoh, Clever Deserter"; and "Scar, Brawler". And now for the good news: If you've got "Lyra's Pendant" on your side, any level 2 leader that has 4 Alchemy or more can play this card. Heck, if you want to pay the EE cost, there are even some Level 1 leaders that can play this card if you've got "Lyra's Pendant".

So, overall, is it worth going through the trouble of putting this card in your deck? For the most part. It recovers someone AND brings them back to the Search Party for revenge. Anyone that plays with an Alchemy leader should put at least 1 of this card in their deck. So far, the only card I know of that you would have to worry about is the location "Arcane Prison". Other than that, it seems to be a pretty good card. We'll see if the CRD changes anything when it gets updated.

The Frost Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist TCG State Alchemist
Roy Mustang. Proud Soldier

He's Big, He's Bad, He's got....4 Strength!?

Behold! I give you:

In the first set, it was said this card was unbeatable. There was only 1 card that could counter it, and that was "Daring Gambit". Master Manipulator went on to become the most costly card in the FMA TCG so far, hitting e-bay for over $150 at one point. Indeed he's good, probably one fo the best cards in the game. But unbeatable? Hardly. Let's review:


Mustang's Strength and Wits are very low for a level 3, so he'll likely lose in anything but an Alchemy battle. But his Alchemy is only 7. He needs to drop 3 cards to use his effect. Even with "Alchemist's Gloves" or "State Alchemist's Watch" he's still got to discard 1 card to get his effect. Enter: "Lyra's Pendant". This is the card that saves Master Manipulator from having to discard any cards. Equip it to Mustang and he's golden.....but you still have to draw it. But hey, one discard for a great effect isn't bad.

The effect itself is the most powerful thing about this Mustang. Being able to change the location is a big advantage. But, with Blood & Water, there are a couple of new cards that make Mustang lose a little bit of his pep. "A Clue for the Search" and "Catch the Train" can be a major thorn in his side. Good thing you've got "Edward Elric: Researcher", right?

I myself have beaten a Master Manipulator deck....but only because I finished the game one turn before he came out. I've never actually beaten Master Manipulator himself. Why? I play with a Roy Mustang deck, but I don't run "Administrator". I like my Mustang to be able to go forth and actually fight, no matter what kind of battle it is. But, the person I play against that has Master Manipulator DOES play Administator. So, all of my non-faction 6 cost allies, and all of my 7 cost faction allies get stuck in my hand till level 3. And then it's too late for me to make a comeback. Not because I can't get allies out and win locations. But because of Master Manipulator's most powerful ability: his ability to win in the Main Phase. I have never once lost to Master Manipulator in battle. I always lose to him in the main phase. When my opponent had 6 or 7 points and a 3 or 4 point location hits the field. *switch* "I've got 9 now." That is a devistating way to lose.

But, hey, it's cool. That's the way Master Manipulator works. He's not really built for battle, so he's got to have some kind of back-up plan. Besides, I'd rather lose to a Master Manipulator deck any day, than a Lust or Envy control deck :).

So, in conclusion, if you're playing against Master Manipulator: Try to win before he gets to level 3.

If you're playing Master Manipulator: Remember that Administrator won't really hurt anyone with an 8 Command leader, so plan accordingly; "Edward Elric: Researcher" is your friend; and remember that you can win in the Main Phase ;)

-The Frost Alchemist
Roy Mustang. Proud Soldier


Well, the first season of league for the FMA TCG is well underway! And oh boy is it a blast. Granted, some of the 4 clue point rules are annoying, they're supposed to be. And almost all of the 1 clue point rules are total cheese. My FAVORITE 1 clue point rule has got to be double command. It basically lets you play any ally in your deck on TURN ONE. It is unbelievably empowering to drop allies like "Alex Louis Armstrong: The Strong Arm Alchemist", "Roy Mustang: Pragmatist", or even "Edward Elric: Prodigy" on the first turn and watch your opponent go "Holy crap." You can also play any attachment card to your leader on turn one. Turn one "The Armstrong Family Gloves" anyone? When AH comes out, you'll even be able to play 11 cost allies of your faction or not on turn one.

But there are other entertaining rules as well. There's a 3 clue point rule that lets you start with a booster pack as your opening hand. I'm looking forward to testing out the Leaders as Allies rule. The "All Allies gain the Mob keyword" is pretty cool as well. If you hate cards like "Yoki: Corrupt Lieutenant", you'll have them more when there are 3 of them. Or even worse, cards like "Mugear: Land Baron" equipped with "Lab Gear" and "Stray Kitten". Imagine that. 3 of your people just got set and cannot assign (without help). Scary stuff.

However, there were 2 rules that I felt were misplaced: 3 clue point rule "All of your allies printed attributes are equal to their lowest attribute"; and 4 clue point rule "You can't use reacts".

I watched a match with the 2 people playing these rules. It was horror. The guy using the 4 point rule even had Alchemy characters, but it still wasn't enough. The person playing the 4 point rule was unfazed (and he was playing a Homunculous deck). But I was in somewhat disbelief, so I decided to test the rule myself in a game. I played with "Can't use reacts" against a person who was also playing a 4 point rule ("Defeat one of your characters at the beginning of every main phase"). All I did was drop the 5 characters in my deck that used reacts. Heck, I probably could've kept them in. But, the rule didn't really hurt me at all. The person I was playing on the other hand.....So, I decided to take advantage of the "You can edit or make up your own SD rules" and swap the 2 rules.

So, that's what's going on as far as league goes. You can find the League Overview, Superdeformed Rules, and Scoresheets here: http://www.fma-tcg.com/content/view/144/52/.

And I'll round things up today with the trademark card for State Alchemists:

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