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Question: I have This old red zip up hoodie. Its seriously ancient, it belonged to my sister when she was about 10, and now shes 22 ish so yeah xD

I want to make it wearable. But i dont want to spend money xD Well, I will buy small stuffs, ribbon etc but I dont want to spend too much cash.

So..How do I make this thing pretty?

I was thinking of squirting bleech all over it..but I need something other than that.



edit|| Oh yeah..I also have about 15 tiny skull beads to utilize in anyway..not necessaily in conjunction with the jacket

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Well aren't we dead!
Lets get up and running again :P

I was just walking to the coffee shop, so its toned down a touch.
Skirt: Outfit
Jacket: Thrifted
Tophat: Camden Market
Shoes: "Converse" from Beijing Silk Market hair looked crap so my face had to go byebye..same skirt o.0
Shrit: My fathers
Koi top: ebay

London..At the Naval rocked! I apologise for the bizarre way I'm standing..i was confused o.0

Just for fun, my folder for shcool