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Frosted Icons and Graphics' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Frosted Icons and Graphics

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Members Only [
8/7/ 7:28 pm

There is no need to ask to be added. Just join.
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Affiliates [
8/7/ 6:55 pm

If any other communities would like to be an affiliate, I would be more than happy to add you. Just post here and I will add you to the affiliates list as long as you add __frosted back.

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Suggestions [
8/7/ 6:53 pm

Use this post to tell me who/what you would like to see icons of. Also if there is a certain picture you would like to see be made into an icon, post a link to it here. No personal pictures please. I am always looking for good celebrity fan sites, etc. so if you know of any, especially if they have a photo gallery please post the link. Thanks.

Note:There is no guarentee that your suggestion will be used. It is merely a suggestion.

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Awards [
8/7/ 6:45 pm

These are the awards I have won in various icontests. This post will be updated whenever I win a contest.

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Resources [
8/7/ 6:43 pm

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