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On the search for otherkin memories that kinnect

LadyAnara:FTP's Admin
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Welcome Too __fromthepast__'s Otherkin Memories Community!

+ This is not a roleplaying community. Keep all Fiction & RPG off this community.

+ Any and all can come together for the benefit of discovering various truths between our diverse memories.

+ Discussion is of course permitted and encouraged, debate, spam and flaming and criticizing of Personal beliefs and or spirituality is forbidden and will not be tolerated. No Hate, Ego, "I'm better than you" posts or critical words please.

+ Nothing is considered "wrong" here. Please leave freely what you feel you can contribute. If you leave a memory, please add it too memories and put tags on your entries. Like if your post is about space elves, then put that in the tags for that memory. This will help us differate when looking for different posts in memories, and will help us save the memories by making sure they are saved, so we don't have too go back 20 or 40 and so on.

&daggers Visions and symbolic dreams may also be added. These also should be tagged apprioately and saved too Memories.

&daggers ALL PUBLIC POSTS should be screened, and not added too memories. All Other posts need too be marked as FRIENDS ONLY.
You do not need too screen them unless you absolutely want too.

+ I Hope I don't have too say, do not criticize the posters here, or what's posted. If something is typoed or spelled wrong, or spelled badly then that's ok. Some of us HAVE dyslexia and we understand that data in the brain gets crossed between there and the fingers and often when we are writing we don't catch it till its posted and its live. Plus if your paying that much attention too spelling and pronouncation, you need too take your ass back too english class and sniff your teacher's butt some more. We don't want any hard-asses here, ok? This is a learning process about who we are, through memories, and what we may have too share between ourselves with otherkinds. We aren't trying too get an A+ on assignment.

+ Spam and advertising of a non otherkin, metaphysical community is forbidden also. You can do that anywhere. You can advertise if your a friend in your personal journal (which would show on our friends pages)

+ Invited: Elves, Faeries, Therians, Animalkin, vampyres who remember diverse and almost full blown memories about where they are from, or past life memories and reincarnation.

+ However there is a difference in saying this: "I am a dragon. I am 22cm long and 204 cm wide. I eat apples in the orchard all day, and then I go visit my human friends in their houses." Or like this: "The mighty dragon swoops in and lands on a perch, he bows majestically in face of those present." Don't. Introduce yourself like a normal person. "Hi I am Anara. I remember fae and elven home realms. they were named this. I am 27 years old now, I live in somewhere. I do this and that for a living." That is like a proper introduction. We're not looking for RPG Fancy. If this is what you are, do.not.come.in. Thank you. Oh, and do not post Yiff art if you are a furry. Furry falls into two classes like most kin - serious furries, furries who draw nakey animal art, or couples of furries "doing it". This is called Yiff. There's no Yiff here, so yaff on out. We are looking for the memories.

+ If you don't remember anything then it will be probally pointless for you too join. We are here too discuss our memories and what we remember. I wanted too start a community where we could share and find parallels between say my memories and others. Kind of Like a Kin Share Project. There's more too being kin than saying "oh I am an elf" or "Oh I am a unicorn elf, and i am 16 years old and i like chobits and sailor moon." Whatever.

+ Please mark memories as Friends Only. Unfornately I have a stalker, and she would really love too make fun of anyone who showed me support, so please remember this as you join or post here.

+ Not a lifestyling, "scene" Community, aka "I love faeries! can I join!?" Well do you have past life memories? if that answer is no, no. Also no roleplaying. I am of course familar with video games, movies, and roleplaying games where being elven of faerie is quite popular. Wanna be special? Be your true self.

+ For those who say they are "mostly human", don't use the humanity crutch here. We do not care about that here, we are the wild things, sugar... if your soul is other than human, your mind is not nor is your flesh considered human anymore. If you could shapeshift into a battery would that make You a battery?! No. You are you, personal energy, the body is just a host.
I understand not everyone has this ideal, and want too cling too the fact of humanity. But I know i should address this before it becomes a debate in the community. The maintainer subscribes too an occult truth. Not the same old law. Screw that. If my soul isn't human, then I am it and I am not human. One day the flesh will fall away (maybe) and I will be left from it. So I am not human - see what I am saying?


+ Intro yourself when you are approved.
Don't know what too say? Here's a Copy & paste:

  • Your name: (kin name preferabley)
  • Age Now. Age when awakened:
  • Any spirituality paths?
  • Any natural abilities?
  • What Kin race are you:
  • Do You remember a home realm:
  • Any terran kin experiences (other than now obviously?)

    Thats enjoy too get started, then we will go from there.

    Age Limits:

    You knew this was coming up right?
    I know there are teen otherkin and vampyres. Most of them are stuck in a unicorn stereotype though. if your such an otherkin/vampyre then email me: Email Here and explain why I should consider your application.
    I believe in unicorns but being a dark otherkin, me and the "supposed uni's clash bad" because they strive for the perfect of peace, and nature nor magick is perfectly peaceful. Balance means chaos and divinity, duh.
    I believe in unicorns on the astral - and believe they are only astral beings. Nothing else will convince me otherwise.

    If you have any other questions etc..email.
    Thank you,