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been so Busy!

I am going too let this being a public post as it really holds no critical info.

I've been busy creating an apprioate page and layout, forums and the so on for a friend's site of mine called (united Vampyre Unitarian Pagan)
Vanir wnated me too create a homepage so I've given it a go. Anyway, I haven't had any time too mamange my lj or gj communities lately, as I've been busy with his site, my site, my groups and forums and sleeping nights again.

So these are on hold till I have some time too type up visions, dreams and or memories. My friends only journal gets updated everyday though.
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Welcome too From The Past : An Otherkin Memories Journal Community!

+Main rules are on the info page.
+Open join is restricted
+ Members must be approved
+May post openly once approved

+ If you have a too long post, do an LJ CUT, though not mandatory.
+ Any entries regarding anything fiction or rpg will be deleted, and poster removed from journal!
+This is not a roleplaying journal community!
+Age 17 and up please.

+ If you have otherkin, real vampyric icons you can post them here.
I will also be posting some. You can freely take, but please credit via your user info page, and link too my website.
+ same goes for themes, buttons etcs.
+ Only advertise fellow otherkin, real vampyric and meta-physical forums here.

+ Once approved plase post an intro post. This is mandatory.
+ Try and participate at least twice a week.
+ Going on holiday/vaca? Tell an admin please so we'll know.
+ Put large images behind a cut or use a height /width tag.

+Post memories of being otherkin, real vampyric in past terran earth lives or home realm lives.
+ try and keep an open mind about everything posted.
+ All posts are treated as "THEORY & SPECULATION". We do this so people's views on evolution do not get threathened.
+ Do not force belief, or spirituality, promote hate, ignorance or sherr stupidity here!
+ Curious? ASK questions!

+ We are looking for parallels between all our memories.
For such I am very interested in drawing parallels about what my people called the Ket'sar. The Elenari call them Vor'gen. I will also be clearing up allot of miscontrued information about my kinds of Kin..the Fra'kar & The Van'mor'ri.
I've awakened allot more memories lately. Fra'kar are not Terran Sidhe. We have close relations, but we are not one and the same. I've also got the real names for the 6 cities in the van'mor'ri tongue. I had previously remembered them by the dragon names for Grael, Sair'yss and etc...these are right too but every race and I'lleniel had a different name for just about everything I have learned, so i'll be discussing that too.

So these are some of the rules. Hope you will come and fit in here.
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