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Free iPods

like free Tibet, but with music

Free iPods for Everyone Conga Line
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iPod- the mp3 player for the masses. Small, sleek, and perfect for lugging around your massive CD collection in one tiny case. But really, who has 250+ dolllars to spend on it? If you're looing for referrals for a free iPod, you've come to right place. Here's how it works.

1. Sign up at www.freeipods.com using the referral link.
2. Fill out the appropriate info and complete an offer.
3. Send me an e-mail at ket2j@mtsu.edu with your referral number and which offer you've completed.
4. As soon as your offer goes through, your name will be added to the referral list. Once each ipod is completed, the next referral link will be posted.

Help iPod owner wannabes everywhere. Join now!

Check out these sites to verify authenticity of this offer: