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RE-OPEN! sorta...

I got a new community, __iconic_. It will have icons, layouts and graphics, as well as brushes and textures. I just opened it today...soo, if you're interested, go ahead and check it out. My old layouts from here will be re-coded and cleaned up and reposted there.
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Hey you guys...ummm...Happy New Years. Anyways...I think that I'm gonna have to give up this community to someone else or maybe I'll just close it. I don't have time to make layouts anymore and my layout, as you probably already know, has been dubbed the "layout from hell" considering the fact that the codes were effed up...even though I DID post the fixed version of the codes some of you guys are still taking the messed up version.

Sorry... :/

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Would anybody here be interested in helping me make layouts? If so, fill this schiznet out:

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credit issues

Ok, seriously, a lot of people are not crediting me for the layouts. That's...not cool :/ I'm giving you guys a warning, but if a couple of days pass and the people still don't credit me, I'm banning them from this community. It's really annoying when people say they'll credit and they don't. I appreciate the people who actually do take a second and bother to just put the simple words layout by __free_layouts in their userinfo. credit me!!!

NOTE: Do you guys prefer more custimizable layouts...where you can put your own graphics and crap, or do you prefer layouts with graphics already in them?

Customizable or not?
premade graphics included

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1) I added your community, but I still cannot see the layouts! Chances are you did not join the community, you only added it to your friends list. To join, click here. You may also need to re-login in order to see the layouts.

2) How do I install your layouts? Simple :) At the top, mouse over the word manage, and then click on customize. If you are about to use one of my S1 layouts, make sure that Old System 1 is selected from the drop down menu. If not, select it from the menu and click change. Then click on modify journal, and this will take you here. You will see four drop down menus. Select which ever style I have said my layout is made for...for example, if I said style: generator, then select that from all four drop down menus. Go down and you'll see a chart entitled Custom Theme. Click on the radio button that says Custom Colors and erase everything in the chart (then, if I have provided any custom colors for you to put in, do so in the appropriate space). Scroll down to where it says Style Overrides. You will see a textbox there entitled overrides. Put all of the codes in there. Then scroll down and click Save Changes. That's it. If you are using an S2 layout I provided, or a paid account style, instructions on how to install it will come with the layout.

3) I want to use one of your layouts for paid accounts, but I have a free account If that is so, then the only obvious thing to do is to get a paid account.

4) May I share your layouts with other users? If they are not members, then no. Make sure they join first.

5) What if I want to change one of your layouts? Go ahead, but I will not do it for you. If you change it make sure you still credit me for the coding.

6) I want to learn how to make my own layouts. Where can I learn overrides? A good place to start is howto. You may also want to try __ask and everything_lj

7) I used one of your layouts, but it looks weird and misaligned Do you have a default icon? Check by going here. Try checking the radio button for no default icon and see what happens.

8) My navigation links and header don't show up! You need to specify a website in your userinfo in order for them to show up.

9) Can I request a layout here? Not unless I make an announcement saying I'm requesting layouts. Try going to layouts_for_lj.
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Hello, and welcome to my community __free_layouts! This community is here to provide you with PREMADE is not for layout requests or html help. For html help try visiting __ask, and to request a layout I suggest layouts_for_lj. So far there are only a couple of layouts in the memories...I have just started this community and I hope it grows. All layouts are members only. You must join the community in order to see all the layouts. Please visit the userinfo and read the rules before joining. There is no need to add the commmunity to your friends list...unless you can just join. I will ocassinaly take a couple of layout requests, when I'm not being a lazy bitch ;] This community if mostly for free users, though there are some paid layouts as well. NOTE: Only I have posting access, so don't be confused if you join and you still can't post! :D Try visiting my website for goodies like brushes, glitter fills, flash, tutorials and etc. I just got it up, so it's under construction.