[NICOLE] Nicole Richie Diet

How to install a S2 Layout

Go to manage - customize. Change to S2, and then in the Layout box choose Opal (libra whatever)

Then you go to the 'Advanced Customization Center'. Click 'your layers'. Go to the bottom and to 'Create layout-specific layer'.

Create a theme type layout, for the opal layout. Then edit that layout (it'll refresh the screen, click on the edit buton next to it) and paste in ALL of that textbox.

And then, go back to the manage - customize page. Under 'Theme', your layer should be there.
[NICOLE] Nicole Richie Diet


♥ Welcome to __free_images, ran by rainblow. I am on winter vacation right now, so I figured I would spend my time working on a few images for everyone to use.

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I will also be donating a few of my older layouts to the community (which are far better than my current one). I hope to have at least two layouts, and a few icons up in the next few days.