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I want to go out of town with my boyfriend for part of Spring Break. I want to go far enough that it feels like I'm taking a trip, but close enough that it's convenient as a long weekend.... where do I go?

As long as i'm here...

...why shouldn't I do some shameless self promotion for current and future members?

I'm in a band called Premium High Five, we play ska, and we're getting ready to record our first EP in the next month, and start playing shows. We have an lj comm (premiumhighfive) or you can get there by hitting up http://www.premiumhighfive.tk Feel free to join, or to click on over to our purvolume page and check out the two songs we have up... They aren't top notch recording, but you get the idea...

Enjoy, hopefully.


What's up Fredneck?

My name's Alex, I go to TJ High, I'm a sophomore this year, and I'm 15.

Personally, I'm just into chillage... I <3 music of mostly any type, and I love movies just as much.

Concert wise, I've pretty much only been to music for unity lately (info: http://www.music4unity.org) and that's always a blast. For those who don't know, you can check up on concerts in the Maryland/Virignia area at a site called pheer (http://www.pheer.com). It's a pretty good site.

And that's boring me.

Oh, and stereotypically, I hate this fucking town.

Basic suggestion: Maybe you should add like a basic form or something (ya know, name, location, bands/movies, books, gender, pictures, that type o shit) that people can fill out when they join, just to add a bit of spark? That'd be coolo...
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Welcome to Frednecks of America. Feel free to talk about whatever you want. Keep it somewhat clean. But have fun biotches!
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