brooke (starrynight1890) wrote in __freaks_14to18,

is this community still living?

name: brooke
Age: 14
Location; pennslyvania
School: little crappy school.
Mascot: an indian. haha. so much for 'political correct'
birthdate: 3-16
eyes: green
Height: 5'2", 5'3", i'm not sure
hair: brown
Sex: female
AIM/AOL: well. i'm in the process of getting a new screen name, except i'm not quite sure what it's going to be yet.
Yahoo IM: i'm never on it.
boyfriend/girlfriend: nope.
sexuality: straight
favorite food: eh. let's see. i don't know. strawberries, i guess.
favorite band: well. let's see. green day, nirvana, dashboard confessional, the rasmus, rooney
favotire sport: soccer
Style: very odd
Brittany spears or spear brittany? spear brittany
Kerry or Bush? KERRY
Punk or Rap? punk.
Metal or Pop? well. either.
Country or Oldies? oldies.
favorite subject? math
birthday: 3-16
favorite color: blue and purple
favorite store: borders
shoe size: 7
shoe brand: converse or kangaroos
brand in general: not really any in particular
Car: none as of yet. i want to get one and paint starry night by van gogh all over it and get a license plate that says vincent, but my mom doesn't want me to.
Smoke cigs? nope
Smoke weed? nope
Anything else? nope
Drink? nope
Good girl or bad? good.
Believe in God? yes
Favorite movie? chicago, flatliners, donnie darko, pleasantville, the others, a stir of echoes
job? student
Favorite animal? cat
Pets: 2 cats.
Siblings: 1 older sister
Crush: no one.
Like this shit??? yep.

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