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name: Miranda
Location: NC Ugh
School: DHS
Maskot: Eagle
birthdate: 5/3/89
eyes: brownish
Height: 5'4"
hair: black
Sex: female
AIM/AOL: ImIssUstill59
Yahoo IM: Dont have one
Email: mirandac123@yahoo.com
boyfriend/girlfriend: Sure...
sexuality: Straight
favorite food: Chinese
favorite band: New Found Glory, Blink182, ICP
favotire sport: IDK
Style: It changes everyday
Brittany spears or spear brittany? Neither
Kerry or Bush? Bush
Punk or Rap? Punk
Metal or Pop? Metal
Country or Oldies? Oldies
favorite subject? English
favorite color: Black, blue, or purple
favorite store: Dont have one
shoe size: 8
shoe brand: convers
brand in general:IDK
Car: I have one...it doesent work though
Smoke cigs? Nope
Smoke weed? Nope
Anything else? Nope
Drink? Nope
Good girl or bad? Can be both so I dont know
Believe in God? Yeah
Favorite movie? I have alot....
job? No
Favorite animal? Tiger
Pets: Dog
Siblings: brother 18
Crush: And you care Why? lol

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