Erica (fr34k1sh3r1c4) wrote in __freaks_14to18,

name: Erica
Age: 16
Location; morgan hill, ca
School: live oak high school
Maskot: acorn
birthdate: 4/27/88
eyes: brown
Height: 5'2"
hair: brown
Sex: female
AIM/AOL: fr34k1sh3r1c4, rawritserica
Yahoo IM: fr34k1sh_3r1c4
boyfriend/girlfriend: girlfriend, leah
sexuality: bi
favorite food: barritos
favorite band: otep and gob
favotire sport: soccer and softball
Style: mine
Brittany spears or spear brittany? spear brittany
Kerry or Bush? kerry
Punk or Rap? punk
Metal or Pop? metal
Country or Oldies? oldies
favorite subject? math
favorite color: black
favorite store: hot topic
shoe size: 6
shoe brand: converse
brand in general: dickies
Car: black toyota camry
Smoke cigs? yah :( stoppin
Smoke weed? yah...lil
Anything else? nope
Drink? yah
Good girl or bad? good
Believe in God? nope
Favorite movie? simon berch and thirteen
job? nope
Favorite animal? dog
Pets: 2 hamsters, boobie and biache, and 5 fish
Siblings: brother, 18, jordan
Crush: brittani
Like this shit??? lol
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