jesus is listening...

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there are a lot of christian blog and journaling sites out there. this one is for the catholics! live it up, and feel free to talk about anything. this is a safe environment for you to ask questions, share views...anything!

i would like to welcome all of you to __followers__. i

i made CONFESSIONS because i wanted somewhere for catholic college age kids, highschool kids, old people...anybody, to talk about their CATHOLIC ways. i had very few catholic friends before i came to western, but i still dont have a "cool place" to talk about christ in my catholic view on the net...

so i made one. ha!

enjoy writing whatever you want, i just ask that it is appropriate (no porn, sex-stuff...unless its an actual question. dont do it just to be a jackass, please.) personally, i dont care about language, so cuss away. i know the feeling of needing to let it out sometimes, and at least im here to listen. ask any questions u want.
love, briana
creator of __followers__ group CONFESSIONS

remember...jesus is listening...