Next Time I'm Coming Back as a Dog

That is, if reincarnations exists (which we hope to discuss
 Philosophy and Confession soon). 

Why would I want to come back as a dog?

Simply because, animals (especially dogs and to a lesser 
extent, cats) are more evolved than us human beings. 
Examples in point:

They don’t deliberately go out to hurt another.

They forgive more readily then us humans.

Accepting others unconditionally is another thing 
they can do which we can’t.

No murderers among them (except perhaps in 
self defence, or in the wild, to eat). 

Certainly no danger of committing suicide if 
I was an animal in my next life.

No chance of them ruining their health by 
smoking, over-drinking, or self-abuse.

They are much quieter and less obnoxious.

They don’t waste their time blogging (smile).

So what if they live a shorter life then we do. Most of them 
(I should think) have less stress in their lives and 
are probably more happy than most humans. 

So, if the Masters of the Universe (God or whatever 
you wanted to refer it or them to) - listen up 
for a change - I want to be a Dog !!!

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Suicide within The Family .....

My daughter committed suicide right under my ex-wife's nose.  My ex did not even inform of it - I found out later on my own.  Our marriage ended badly with animosity between my ex and me.  Affected my daughter and my relationship with her.  She was dead for more than 8 years when I found out.  My daughter and I wanted to know each other but her mother did not encorage it but rather did what she could to prevent it.  Resut - an unhappy young girl who ended her own life because of the mistakes of others.

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The Confessional

Live Journal looks like a nice site.  Sadly, I've already started my blog at

The purpose of my blog is to help one another but anonimously telling others the mistakes we've made.  So, it is self-awareness and aims at self-worth.

I plan to check out Live journal some more but at the moment I am tied up learning the ins and outs of my new blog.

If my site is of interest to you, please drop by.  I could sure use the help and would love to see it develop into a place which can be beneficial.  I don't plan to change the world but if the site can improve a life or two, that is sufficient.


Mark (sakamato)

Halifax NS

And on the eighth day of Christmas, Earthdonna gave to me...

TheAnswers to the Christmas Carol Quiz

My dog literally ate the quiz results, so these are from memory. The only one I'm not sure about was number 29, which was something about a marshmallow. None of us knew the carol it was connected to so we all groaned, because Connie, the tester, started singing it for us and seemed to think it was a staple of the Christmas classics.
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An Introduction

1.What is name/username? Theresa/Earthdonna

2.Who is your favorite saint or rolemodel? Why? My favorite saint is Blessed Mother Teresa, because of all the lives she touched and because it was her book on spirituality that led me from Protestantism to Catholicism

3.How did you come to the catholic faith? I read "A Simple Path" by Mother Teresa during a time when I was questioning my place in the protestant church I'd been raised in. When I decided I had to leave my church I'd fallen in love with M. Teresa's philosophies and the catholic church was one of the first churches I visited. I decided to stay and went through the RCIA process in Ellensburg during my Junior year at college.

4.How long have you been catholic? I've been a recovering protestant for six years

5.What religion(s)/denominations have you come from? I came from The Assemblies of God branch of the Protestants

6.How old are you? 29

7.Sacraments? I've been baptized, participated in reconciliation, and been confirmed.

8.Kids? A dog named Mickey, no children

9.What are you hoping to get out of this community? Support, Ideas, Advice, and a knowledge that I'm not alone. I don't have very much of a catholic network to fall back on. I have my fiance's sponsor as one of my closest contacts in the community and he was picked randomly from the congregation. I'm not comfortable, for obvious reasons, with asking my questions to him or receiving guidance from him and yet he is a godsend to both of us. I need to know other catholics. With my other friends so much of the time I have to be on the offense or defense because they are so anti-catholic. I could use some support and perspective from within the community.

10. Do you have anything to add? I hope no one looks down on the fact that it seems to have taken so long for me to learn the things I have. I bumped into the devotion of scapulars when I was wearing my keys on a piece of red yarn around my neck and someone asked me if I was wearing a red scapular. I really didn't know what they were. Its been niggling at the back of my skull for a while now and I finally feel drawn to one, though I came across myriads of different ones. Devotions are listed as elective and yet they seems like such an essentail part of the catholic life.

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New friends..

I come to you with a favor...

My church is planning a trip to Guatamala March 12-19th to go over and help rebuild some houses for widows, and children. This is something that i feel God is calling me to do... however the cost of the trip is $950. That, of course, is alot of money that i don't have. So I am using everything in my power to try to raise some money. Asking for donations being one of my tactics. I hate to do it.. but along with working, and fundraising other ways, I see no way around it, as $950 is A TON of money. If you have an extra dollar or two laying around that you feel could help me.. I would appricate it more than you know. And if you are just like me, and low on money... a simple prayer would be a blessing as well.. Thank you so much...
as well i have also got myself into alittle debt with ebay.. as i have bid on a 325 dollar camera that i can not afford

since i have people checking up on my requests, i went ahead and put that in as well.

Love and God Bless


warmed up my heart

You my God, last night flew my jet
With the flight of ideas in to
The sunshine city through that
Slit open gate of springs temple
And now let it open wide to all
Our brothers and sisters in the
Light of green candles lit in its
Reality at thy sacred altar and
Let it shine at thy sacred altar of
Our lady of health with thy
Fragrance of love and joy
In its reality at its fullest
unity and harmony with
A hearty welcome to all
And here we come to you lord
With our hands together
Head bowed with our sincere
Gratitude and praises towards you
Pray to you, bless us all lord.
The California Kid

(no subject)

so, i got back from the SEARCH retreat a few hours ago. this is possibly the happiest i have been in a very long so long i cant remember. definately not anytime in late high shcool. especially considering that i have been 'joyful' for the past few weeks, not really 'happy'. just at peace. now, i come home (to my dorm...yes HOME...i do live here), and i have an outline due tomorrow for my comm 101 persuasive (final) speech that i havent even started, i have to unpack and clean my room, im having really bad abdominal pain (u know) and i really REALLY want to shower. right now i just had to write something that wasnt homework (which i started...even though i really want to shower). i just havent been truely happy in a really long time. things are working...and i may not have seen it that way before i left this weekend. i am a fairly lucky person. some are luckier than me, and that makes me happy - no one should have to experience some of the things that i have experienced. but many people are much less fortunate than me...and that, for myself, makes me happy to know that my life could be so much worse. i dont seem bogged down by school anymore; i think i went on a very good weekend (right after 2 midterms, a speech and a quiz in one week). this week is much lighter than last, and i think that helping me to see that God is here...though i dont really know how. i just know that i had an awesome, powerful, moving weekend, and i would do anything to have my friends go who didnt this year. anything. i will pay for your entire fee next year if you say you will go, because it will be an experience, though in a simple church in anacortes just a-ways south of here, that you will never...ever forget. and it will be a priceless weekend...

so, God works in such mysterious ways. though this isnt a big thing, i have been trying to focus more and more on how God works through people and actions and coincidence and little things. there is a priest, father john coprapi, who i heard is a phenominal speaker...and he is speaking in seattle at a conference this weekend. its presidents day weekend, so we get three days off. i was going to go to central, but laura s has an orthodontist appointment in burien on monday, so she wont be there (the whole reason of going, of course). i didnt want to spend the whole weekend at home, because i want to spend it with my mom, but not the whole three days. if i stayed the whole three days, i would want to spend an entire day with laura s and that would kind of hurt my moms feelings. so, i asked lindsey (the girl who is organizing the ft. corapi trip to seattle) if there was any possible way that i could stay in seattle or get a ride home to near the seatac airport (where my house is...redundency...gotta love it). she said probaly not if i didnt have my own car. there was another girl up there who wanted to go hear father corapi speak also (btw, this is friday evening to saturday afternoon) that i had met during mass. she asked where i lived and i told her not more than five or ten minutes from the seatac airport. she said she was going to federal way after the conference, and not here, and that she was coming back on monday, so she could drop me off on her way and possibly pick me up on the way back. so i get to see my mom for an entire day and a little bit of two different days. thats the perfect weekend at home.

so, i just wanted to tell you all that i am happier than i have ever been...i have proof, too! earlier today i was on the phone with someone and i was running a little late, and her tone of voice (i know, i know, I was late...) kind of made me mad. and walking down the hill, i was able to dismiss it. i had never done that before - dismissed the way that something made me feel because really it was obsolete. i just kind of dwell on things until they wear off...

i guess im growing more than i could have ever imagined...
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