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wassup?! I'm new on lj. I'm a fan of N*E*R*D... but I prefer the Neptune's sound when they do collabos with
other artists and act as producers. I remember back in the day I used to see rapper's videos and this skinny dude would make cameos in half of them... and I was like who's that dude, he's annoying! Little did
I know it was Mr.Williams... anyhoo. I sincerely believe they are the best in their category. I picked up
Kelis's album not long ago... Wanderland... to my big surprise it wasn't all that! So THE NEPTUNES... I'd
like a refund please:P (LOL) euh, actually I do mean it... other than that their first:in search of... was fly
and innovative! My fav' on that cd is Stay Together... oh and track #9... One more thing... lotta peeps out
here claiming to be Pharrell's biggest admirer(and I'm not talking 'bout some groupies...)if you TRULY
are then add me as a friend... but before prove it by tellin' me what's his NICKNAME? (ha):D

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